Janaya Khan on the project of whiteness




Trevor Noah on racism in society

The Daily Social Distancing Show



act.tv on systemic racism



Cindy Blackstock on indigenous racism in Canada

TVO Indigenous



Deborah Dobbins on Alberta’s Black history

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Black Lives Matter


Calling for sustainable change in our communities, and demanding acknowledgment and accountability for the devaluation and dehumanization of Black life at the hands of the police.


Campaign Zero


Building research-backed policies to end police brutality in America by demilitarizing the police and working on solutions that actually keep everyone safe, instead of keeping specific groups down





Highlighting Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs around the world

Our first podcast came out Oct 23, 2012. Ran infrequently until February 17th 2015.
It consisted 10 PS2J episodes, with 2 live episodes.
First episode back aired July 1st, 2015.
Intro – (0:00)
PS2J 1 – Triumphant Return (2:29)
PS2J 2 – Crazy Talk (4:54)
PS2J 3 – TCG Whine (9:42)
PS2J 4 – Zords and Games (12:22)
PS2J 5 – Comic Movie Spoilers (17:02)
PS2J 6 – Taiwanese Politics (26:11)
PS2J 7 – Board Games And Other Thangs (29:10)
PS2J 8 – Veronica and the X-Men (31:20)
PS2J 9 – Bored Gaming w/ Veronica (36:13)
PS2J 10 – Not That Terrariable w/ Ken (41:29)
PS2J 11 – Knights of the Machete Order (45:37)
PS2J 12 – ECEE Wrap Up 2015 (50:11)
PS2J 13 – Kuuribro in Attack mode (1:01:31)
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