PS2J Spotify Playlist Quiz

June 23, 2018

Try to guess who picked which song for the Spotify playlist.

? Artist: Daft Punk Album: Daft Club Release: 2003 Genre: House musicQuestion #2: Aerodynamic (Daft Punk Remix) – Daft Punk

? Artist: Rush Album: Permanent Waves Released: 1980 Genre: RockQuestion #3: The Spirit of the Radio – Rush

? Artist: Delta Rae Album: Carry the Fire Released: 2012 Genre: Folk-rockQuestion #11: Bottom of the River – Delta Rae

? Artist: Hollywood Undead Album: Day of the Dead Released: 2015 Genre: RockQuestion #13: Party by Myself – Hollywood Undead

? Artist: Cradle of Filth Album: Thornography Released: 2006 Genre: MetalQuestion #14: Tonight In Flames – Cradle of Filth

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