Our adventure starts with Monedo, a sage in need of heroes to save the village of Wolford. Belai the Malign is attacking it.
Veronica plays a human ranger, followed by her trusty Minotaur, Minnie.
Mike is a dwarf paladin, that praises the King Under The Mountain.
Josh is the pixie necromancer, that likes to ride his subjects.
They have to see past their differences to overcome the battle ahead.
Can they defeat the Ork in the Shiny armour?
Spoiler: They kinda do?
Why not start out a holiday episode by scolding Josh.
Put Christ in Christmas… Twice! Have a Christy ChristmasChrist.
Mike steps in on the war on Christmas.
Josh fails on a 30 Rock quote. Party foul.
Then he destroys it. Wow, get it together.
Mikes favourite Christmas but not Christmasy movie is Die Hard.
Josh may be confused with Batman Returns. That is defiantly during Christmas.
Conversation turns in a Schwarzenegger talk.
Alan likes references that stand on their own, but serve as a treat to fans.
Josh like Gremlins as a not Christmasy movie.
We discover that Alan has no memory of movies with Christmas.
Josh goes on about reverse animal rescues again.
Mike has a fun fact about computer names in Evangelion.
Alan hits a sore spot with Josh on the topic of Tim Horton holiday cups.
And nobody cares as much as he does. Or ever should.
Mike seems to be really unobservant.
For Josh, all design mistakes seem to drive him crazy.
For some kind of Christmas theming, Josh reads Wikipedia for some Christmas info.
Alan defiantly calls him out on it.
After drawing some parallels, Josh tries to talk about Krampus.
Then he explains how stories move across continents by goat lovers.
And PS2J knows a hot Krampus, go figure.
And Josh goes on about a helper of Saint Nicholas, Black Pete.
Josh read an online comic one, Alan knows it, and it a butt about it.
Check out Scandinavia and the World, link in the description.
Fairly awfully, Josh struggles through the story of Black Pete.
And he seems to mix up the Krampus and Black Peter.
Germanic cultures don’t mess around with stories of discipline.
Josh knows of a short Brothers Grimm story, and tells it through a Josh lens.
You are about to hear an iteration of The Slaughter Game.
Fairly Grimm? lol jk
Don’t leave knife in children.
Archer reference.
And we talk about working the YouTube Page.
Ryan, how you do YouTube. It hard.
Mike bought himself a Needler for Christmas.
Josh bought wave 2 of Animal Crossing Amiibo and a Mega Yarn Yoshi.
Alan Got himself a portable hard drive for his XBone.
Soylent 2.0! We still talking bout ‘cha Solent, sponsor us?
Josh talks about sponsors complaining about the advertiser doing their thang.
And he randomly fires in coupons he is familiar with.
Josh wish he had time to play Sunset Overdrive again.
Alan asks us about Destiny’s pay to level platform.
And Destiny is planning to sequel?
Mike feels its more about money than game making.
Alan and Josh talk about the subtle art of Chao training, which is hitting it with the correct character.
Josh reads a message from Ken that JonTron’s Starcade had a good finale.
Bring it on back to Christmas with Dr. Who.
But Mike has too much TV.
Alan explains the DC TV show stuff.
Josh is pissed they got rid of the Great Saiyaman’s helmet.
And he explains, about his woking and DBZ watchin.
Our secret of ignoring people and planning bit in our head.
We plug JonTron.
And more importantly, our Patreon!
Also, check out Mikes write up on his Master Chief armour.
PS2J has a Patreon
Mike’s Halo Write Up
Looking for Lylia?
The comic strip Josh was talking about
And finally JonTron’s Starcade
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And happy holidays!
Josh fumbles a shout out to Kevin MacLeod. He makes all the music that Josh uses for the show, sans intro jingle. Check out his info below.
It’s the 19th! … Not really.
And Josh is wrong, his wife bought the CAH Hanukkah subscription for him.
Josh takes you through the experience of opening his Night One letter.
At the time of editing the podcast, he has also received Night Three, which was more socks.
And Night Three’s letter was about commitment.
Alan isn’t jealous of Josh’s stump gloves.
Josh talks about the biggest secret behind Five Nights At Freddys.
Alan and Josh like FNAF, to watch but not play.
Mike likes other survival horrors.
Josh is looking forward to working with Ryan again!
And we want to play games with you too Ryan!
Josh apparently knows very little about Heroes of the Storm
Alan saw some LoL fails.
Josh didn’t see the holiday traffic he wanted when he want to WEM.
Mike had a visit with robots or something.
Alan tells us there is a hoverboad battery recall.
We ooze into Fallout talk.
Josh talks about his Dad playing New Vegas for the first time.
Mike finds the NPC’s from that game spawn at stupid times.
Josh does not want to see any new Futurama, enough is enough.
And Josh tries to segway to Hot Topic opening in WEM, wherever its opening, he can’t remember.
Mike bought himself a foam dart Needler.
Alan talks about Nerf shooting balls.
Then Josh talks about foam dart archery, that whistles.
He isn’t crazy, Mike knows what he’s talking about.
Josh tells tale of a YouTube video of a kid getting picked up by cops, for being stupid.
Mike tells Josh there is a foam archery place near Edmonton.
Josh cannot stand hardcore paintballers, he finds them silly.
He had a lot of bad experiences with those kind of people.
There is a rubber ball option that sounds like a terrible paintball alternative.
Jason, friend of the podcast?, told Mike a HORRIBLE paintball story.
Josh follows up with another safety shenanigan.
He then talks about his first time getting hit by a paintball, and couldn’t go out.
007 Golden Eye paintball mode!
Josh makes a failed comparison and Alan catches him with a net of bullshit.
And we may play awful games for the YouTube channel.
Alan talks about the killer chamber pot from Skyrim.
Josh brings up his new favourite thing, Reverse Animal Rescue GIF’s.
And he talks more stories of stuff he saw on Reddit.
Josh still laments selling Looney Tunes Sheep Raider.
Can PS3 play PS1?
And hopefully we will be able to play Steel Battalion for original Xbox.
Alan had a bad time renting that game.
We share more disappointing rental stories.
Mike says Buck Bumble was one, so the intro music plays at the very end.
Josh messed up as a kid and rented the 2 most boring Mario games for SNES.
And he tells his infamous “After The Dentist” gaming experience.
Mike retells playing Dino Crisis 2 and never getting to save.
And we all share stories of not having memory cards.
Josh recaps and admits he is a Nintendo whale.
Find Kevin online
Website – www.incompetech.com
Check out Ryan and Josh’s, Shante and the Pirate’s Curse play through.
The Subreddit Josh was talking about
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Josh fumbles the intro. And we talk about our Pulp Fiction-esque episode.
Josh opens up with asking, most Disappointing movie remake.
Disney owns Star Wars, which will make for great video game and other crossovers.
Roland enjoys the Disney Infinity line of toys.
Roland tells us a story of his son at ECEE 2015, seeing some hardcore Buzz and Woody cosplayers.
Alan informs Roland of the ‘Everything Is Canon’ theory.
Roland tells us of the old super hero shows, Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man and more.
He is also happy with the current state and future of super hero movies and shows.
Josh is mighty perturbed that Batman vs Superman has a Batman backstory.
Rolland believes in Ben Affleck’s Batman, the Batfleck.
Can anything stand in the shadow of Star Wars? Or nerd movies in general.
Movies are just a bigger business.
Josh got excited by a 360 degree music video ad.
What if BB-88 is droid Hitler?
Rolland speculates on what character Andy Serkis, is playing in the Force Awakens.
He tells us about the Sith lord Darth Plagueis.
Josh talks light saber colours.
And Rolland has strong feelings against Grey Jedi.
And we get into the new theory that Jar Jar was supposed to be a Sith Lord.
Rolland thinks these theories are fun, but to not get caught up in it.
Mike explains his frustration about The Game Theorist, providing a reason that Halo Spartans dies when they get hit in the back.
Rolland taks about the silly way kids play.
Josh tells the story of him shouting in Star Wars Episode 3. If you know him, its exactly why you think.
We wrap up with talking about things people like within the Star Wars universe.
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And, as always, thanks for listening.

We start off chatting about History channel and shortly get to our guest.
Today we welcome Rolland, as he is referred in most circles, he is a cool guy, dad and Jedi.
When did Facebook becomes so serious?
Josh ruins a plug, Alan saves the day.
Then Josh slowly tries to follow Rolland on Twitter.
We complain about how Facebook filters content.
Rolland is part of Saber Guild, a Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd., recognized Star Wars group.
And Echo Base is the Canadian division that Rolland is a director of.
They do choreographed lightsaber demonstrations for charity and other events.
If you are interested in joining, they have high standards, and are always looking for people interested to join.
Rolland started his adventure with his own Ultrasaber and started up the GELG, Greater Edmonton Lightsaber Guild.
We talk lightsaber forms, extensions of personality but just wack-wack for choreography.
FloWarrior, a performance artist(s), have a few really cool lightsaber tricks, you can find them on Facebook.
Alan brings up, and Josh explains the contact juggling from Labyrinth.
Artists are never done creating, and they all understand that your current work is the best and you are never done.
Josh asks what kind of reference does he pull his costume ideas from.
Rolland calls BS on Jedi being able to fight in their baggy clothes.
And he tries to avoid people crossing the fandoms.
Rolland would like to attempt a battle-fatige look that Luke had while fighting with the Rebels.
Mike brings up that even in the movies, the actors had problems with the Jedi clothing.
Josh claims Obi-Wan showed the only sober move you can preform in Jedi robs.
Then brings up that it was an actual special move in the Episode 3 game, in the bonus games.
Josh wonders if Rolland is offend by people showing up as stormtroopers and attracting as much attention as the Jedi cosplayers.
Mike brings up that many cosplay groups have entry requirements.
Rolland wants to make clear, that these cosplay groups are very approachable, and if you want to join you will find encouragement and support on getting to their standards.
Mike talks about the group he is in the 405, a Halo cosplay group. And relates to a cosplay group gaining standards and becoming larger.
Josh brings up the poor Boba Fett, 501st cosplayer. He had his car stolen, and his costume was inside.
Rolland has done his fair share of charitable events at the Ronald McDonald house.
Rolland went with his father to see Star Wars, and is excited to take his own son to The Force Awakens.
In the end, Rolland would’t trade his hobby for anything, and he is happy to do it.
And in regular PS2J fashion, the conversation derails and burns down at the end.
It’s because we get into talking about those shoes that look like bare feet for runners.

Find Rolland on the internet!
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