• The online alcohol retailer Drizly was hit by a data breach this week, with as many as 2.5M accounts compromised
    • Information taken includes email address, date of birth, hashed passwords, and in some cases even delivery addresses
    • Data obtained by TechCrunch also included phone numbers, IP address, and location data associated with billing information
    • Though the company said that no financial data was taken, a listing on a dark web marketplace claims to be selling a hacked Drizly account including a valid credit card
      • This may not have been part of the same breach though, as the listing is from February and according to the hack occurred on July 2nd
    • Quick reminder, don’t re-use your passwords and if you have an account on Drizly it’s time to change it

Free games

  • Epic Games

    • 20XX

      • 2016
      • Mega Man X inspired roguelike action platformer that you can play with a friend on the couch or online
    • Barony

      • 2015
      • First person roguelike RPG with optional cooperative play and graphics that are kind of like Doom meets Minecraft, it’s described as a love-note to classics like System Shock and Daggerfall
    • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

      • 2012
      • Indie exploratory action-adventure featuring an award-winning soundtrack by Jim Guthrie, that has you traversing a mythic realm, use a sword to do battle, and evoke sworcery to solve musical mysteries
  • Xbone

    • Dunk Lords

      • 2020
      • 2-on-2 basketball beat ’em up with over the top special moves, unique attacks, and abilities
    • Portal Knights

      • 2016
      • Indie RPG in a multiplayer sandbox where you can explore and build, craft items, and go adventuring
    • Override: Mech City Brawl

      • 2018
      • 3D mech brawler featuring giant robots, local and online versus modes, 4-player Voltron-style combat, and a single player campaign
    • MX Unleashed

      • 2004
      • Motocross racing game that has you racing to the finish while performing crazy stunts
    • Red Faction II

      • First person shooter based on a Mars where humankind is ruled by an evil dictatorship and only your group of elite soldiers can stand in its way
  • PS4

    • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

      • 2020
      • Cute MMO party game with up to 60 players in a delightful free-for-all struggle through rounds of escalating chaos
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered

      • 2020
      • The campaign from 2009’s first person military shooter Modern Warfare 2 fully remastered with improved textures, animations, lighting, and more

iOS 14’s new security features continue to catch bad apps in the act

  • The latest culprit is Instagram, who thanks to a new indicator introduced in the upcoming software’s beta was caught using peoples’ cameras while they were just scrolling through the feed
  • According to Instagram in a statement to The Verge, they only access the camera when you tell them to, and this is a bug in the new iOS saying things are using the camera when they aren’t
    • While this is a beta piece of software, I’d tend to believe that the Facebook-owned company is getting caught in some shenanigans a lot more easily than that there’s a weirdly targeted bug saying that this one app is using your camera
  • One theory on reddit is that they keep your camera active in the background to remove the usual initialization delay when you first open it, so you’re ready to take pictures immediately, but I for one am not as inclined to give Facebook that kind of benefit of the doubt
    • And even if that was the case, then they’re still lying about this being a bug AND they’re purposefully killing your battery that much faster for a tiny bit of convenience
  • Either way, Instagram says they’ll work on fixing this “bug” in a future update

On July 27th, every player nuke was disarmed on the PS3 version of Metal Gear Solid 5, officially earning everyone on the platform a special cutscene that many believed would never been seen legitimately

  • in MGSV you run a private military corporation and are given the option to build nuclear weapons, which in a not-so-surpisingly true to reality situation many did to at least have them as a deterrent
  • This was triggered by a bug on PC a few years back where people actually had so many nukes that the counter glitched out and flipped back to zero, but the 5 year old game apparently still had a group of people dedicated to invading player bases and disarming or destroying any nukes that were left in the game
  • Unfortunately other platforms like PC may never see this happen, as some players have used hacks or exploits to do things like make other players’ games crash when they invade

Google’s taking heat in Australia over data privacy, with the country’s competition regulator accusing them of misleading users

  • The issue here is Google’s 2016 move to combine personal info in Google accounts with browsing activities on non-Google websites, which the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says they didn’t get explicit permission to do
    • Part of the change saw Google’s privacy policy lose a statement that it wouldn’t combine advertising cookies with personal information, and replace it with one saying that “Depending on your account settings, your activity on other sites and apps may be associated with your personal information in order to improve Google services.”
  • The complaint says that linking that data together provided Google with extreme market power and was worth a lot of money, but was achieved through misleading behaviour
  • Google argues that the change was optional and that they fully intend to defend their actions
  • But the regulator believes that Google didn’t sufficiently inform consumers about what it sought to do, including information about activity on sites not actually related to Google, and is seeking a fine “in the millions”
  • For anyone more local that might be worried, you can check your settings at

Google’s announced the launch of a new Google One app for iOS, designed to let users store photos, videos, contacts, and calendars for backups

  • You can use the free 15GB of storage that comes with your Gmail accounts, or upgrade to a Google One membership for additional storage and the ability to share it with family
  • It pretty closely mirrors Apple’s iCloud offerings, but is an alternative for people using iPhones but still deep in the Google ecosystem

This Week In Gaming History:

July 25 – 2004 – I Have No Tomatoes – Windows/Linux

  • Strange name so I needed to bring it up
  • I Have No Tomatoes is a Bomberman-styled game set on an isometric playfield. The player’s goal is to kill as many enemy tomatoes as possible across ten levels, each of them 60 seconds long.

July 26 – 2010 – Gorillaz: Escape to Plastic Beach – iPhone

  • Gorillaz: Escape to Plastic Beach is a game based on Gorillaz, an English virtual band created by musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett.
  • It consists of four animated members: 2-D (lead vocals, keyboards), Murdoc Niccals (bass guitar), Noodle (guitar, keyboards) and Russel Hobbs (drums and percussion). Their debut album sold 7 million copies in 2001 and was accompanied by animated music videos. The band later even went on tour with projected video and later virtual characters on stage. This game was made as a promotion for their third music album, Plastic Beach, released in 2010.
  • The final chapter of the game includes an MP3 download of the band’s single ‘Superfast Jellyfish’ featuring De La Soul and Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals.
    • Super Fast Jellyfish is a song I chose to put on out PS2J Spotify Playlist

July 27 – 2010 – StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – PC/Mac

  • The much anticipated followup to the real time strategy juggernaut.
  • Fans waited 12 years for Star Craft 2
  • This game is now a decade old and has over a million hours watched and 2300 broadcasters on Twitch, in this past week.

July 28 – 2004 – Electronic Arts acquires Criterion Software

  • Electronic Arts, Inc. – The company acquires Criterion, the studio responsible for the successful Burnout series and, most importantly, the RenderWare engine used by a great number of developers and many AAA titles. EA bought the studio from Canon Europe.
  • Criterion’s latest title of note, is Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order

July 29 – 2003 – Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour – Gamecube

  • The follow up to the N64 Release, I was very surprised to find that this was the last Mario Golf title for home console
  • The last golf game was made for 3DS and released May 1st, 2014
  • I find it strange as golf can be easily emulated with a Wii-mote or Joy-Con

July 30 – 1975 – Black Jack – Altair 8800

  • I like to find older game for the weekly list, and wanted to know what the Altair 8800 was
  • Wikipedia says: The Altair 8800 is a microcomputer designed in 1974 by MITS and based on the Intel 8080 CPU. Interest grew quickly after it was featured on the cover of the January 1975 issues and was sold by mail order through advertisements there In Radio-Electronics, and in other hobbyist magazines
  • It looks more like a lit switchboard than a computer

July 31 – 1996 – Virtua Fighter: Kids – SEGA Saturn

  • Virtua Fighter Kids is a modified version of Virtua Fighter 2 for the Sega Saturn. All characters were left the same, but the difference is that they are no longer adults but kids with traditional anime huge heads and short arms and legs.
  • A variety of new features has been added to increase the gameplay such as the ability to program specified moves for each character or new endings.
  • Its something that new generations will not have to deal with, a bit of a spin on a new game for a full game price. Makes me happy for DLC and updates.

Josh bought Clubhouse 51 Games for Nintendo

  • I learned a few board games I am interested in getting physical copies of
    • Hare and Hounds
    • Shogi
    • Backgammon
    • Mancala
  • Learned a few card games popular in Japan too!
    • For 2 players:
      • Speed
      • Pig’s Tail
      • Takoyaki
    • For 4 players:
      • Sevens
      • President
  • Some games feel phoned in
    • Toy Tennis
    • Toy Soccer
    • Toy Curling
    • Toy Boxing
    • Toy Baseball
  • And there is also Hanafuda
    • A complex card game, I’m sort of unwilling to learn even on this game
    • Hanafuda are Japanese playing cards that are used to play a variety of games. Hanafuda translates to “flower cards”. The name also refers to games played with the cards.
  • Cool features I’d like to try
    • There is the option for TV and Switch out with the kickstand standing it up, or laying down and players can use the touch screen
    • As well as a Mosaic Mode, there Switch consoles can be laid on a table and up against each other to extend the game past the limit of one screen. A mosaic of consoles
    • And there is a Clubhouse Games Guest Pass
      • Your friends can download this for free and play with you, without getting the full game for themselves.


  • Paramount has announced Sonic The Hedgehog 2 to be released April 8th, 2022
    • Confirmed by Ben Schwartz, the voice of Sonic
  • Animal Crossing bug that removed camera user interface, is now put into the game!
  • After offering more movies online while theatres were closed, Universal has set up a new deal to shorten theatrical windows from 75 days to 17
    • That means that just over two weeks after a movie comes to theatres you could buy or rent it digitally on iTunes or other online platforms
  • Spotify has launched their new Group Session feature for all premium subscribers, allowing people to listen to music and podcasts together long-distance
    • Groups of two to five people can simultaneously stream audio by sharing a Join link over messaging apps or social media
    • Once you’re in everyone can play, pause, skip, and queue up tracks for a full listening party
  • In a now-familiar turn of events, the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show has been announced as an all-digital event running from January 6-9
    • Even after borders reopen and restrictions are lifted, I can see a lot more digital events going forward just because of accessibility and budget advantages
  • Thanks to a leak via Doritos promotional material, we now know that the Activision project code named The Red Door is Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War
  • KFC is partnering with bioprinting companies in Russia to create 3D-printed chicken nuggets
    • The process uses chicken cells and plant material to reproduce the taste and texture of real meat “almost without involving animals in the process”, according to a press release
    • KFC plans to hit final testing this fall in Moscow


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Free Games

  • Epic Games

    • Next Up Hero

      • 2018
      • Action dungeon crawler featuring an eclectic cast of heroes, where each time you die you can bring yourself back as an AI companion
    • Tacoma

      • 2017
      • Exploration game set aboard a seemingly empty space station in 2088 that has you using an augmented reality device to see the actions and conversations of the previous crew to solve puzzles and gather information
  • Twitch

    • Dungeon Rushers

      • 2016
      • Tactical RPG combining turn based combat with dungeon-crawling gameplay, that also includes the ability to build your own dungeons filled with creatures and traps to challenge other players

As part of the Twitter hack we reported on last week, it looks like the direct messages of 36 accounts were accessed as part of the breach

  • The hack used internal employee tools to target 130 accounts, and for 45 of those they used a password reset to get full access to the accounts and their information
  • And for eight of those, the hackers used the “Your Twitter Data” tool to download a full archive of the accounts’ details and activity
  • Twitter is apparently working directly with the impacted users and is further securing its systems to prevent future attacks

Apple’s launched a new Security Research Device (SRD) program to give bug hunters more access to find vulnerabilities

  • The new devices will be licensed to security researchers on a year-by-year basis and include not only normal iPhone functions but also additional shell access to run extra toolsets
  • While the devices aren’t meant to become anyone’s daily driver, the goal is to give these researchers more tools and access to be able to track down bugs and vulnerabilities quickly and effectively
  • Anything found using these tools must be reported promptly, and along with the bug bounty program already offered by Apple could qualify for a payout of up to $1M

After about 5 years and billions of soccar matches played, Rocket League is going free to play

  • Later this summer we’ll see the same core gameplay with refined menus, revamped tournaments and challenges, and cross-platform progression, all coming to the Epic Games Store
  • Once this hits, anyone who owns Rocket League on any platform (including Steam) will be able to play the game with full support for future updates and features
    • The Steam version won’t be available to new players though, so anyone that doesn’t already own it will need to go to Epic Games
  • On top of all that, anyone that’s played Rocket League online before the launch will get Legacy status, which includes
    • All RL branded DLC previously released (sorry folks, no Batmobile)
    • Est 20XX title that shows the first year you played
    • 200+ common items upgraded to Legacy quality
    • Golden Cosmos boost
    • Deici-Oro wheels
    • Huntress player banner
    • And if you’ve played online before this was even announced you’ll also get the Faded Cosmos boost

Microsoft dropped a bunch of announcements on us this week in their Xbox Games Showcase

  • As part of Microsoft’s new console launch, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers are getting access to xCloud
    • Coming this fall, it’s Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform that will let you stream the entire Game Pass catalog, and eventually your personal Xbox library, to your smartphone or tablet
    • This has a huge advantage over Google’s Stadia because they already have the gaming services on lockdown, and adding it on top of Game Pass is going to make it really accessible with a huge library of titles
    • And as opposed to Sony’s strategy of keeping people locked in with triple-A exclusives, Microsoft is taking an almost Apple-like approach in getting people into an entire ecosystem instead
  • Microsoft also showed off a bit of Halo Infinite, showing Master Chief with a grappling hook, and saying that though the game is expected to pick up where Halo 5 left off it has apparently been described as a spiritual reboot for the franchise and a “perfect starting point of new players”.
    • The developer also said that it will still “respect and continue threads that led to this point”
  • They showed off a little bit of Psychonauts2, which looks like more of the first game in a good way
  • Fable is coming to the Xbox Series X which seems to be the fourth game in the series and may be a reboot?
  • And finally, in the trailer for upcoming shooter CrossfireX, they introduced us all to a trailercore version of X Gon Give It to Ya, featuring a powerful score with haunting melodies about how first we gonna rock, then we gonna roll

Hello Games is bringing No Man’s Sky players even more free content with their new Desolation update, full of creepy story content and revamped combat

  • Procedurally generated abandoned freighters have been added drifting through space, each with its own unique story of what happened to its crew
    • Dangers could including things like rogue security systems or biological infestations, and it’s up to you to piece things together from logs and personal items found throughout the ship
    • The rewards seem pretty lucrative though, giving you special technologies and parts that you can install on your own freighters
  • Other new pieces include freighter colour scheme customization and faster-paced, more satisfying combat
    • Sentinel health has been lowered but they now spawn in larger groups, and they’ve improved a lot of weaponry to make fights feel a lot less tacked on to a general exploration game
  • You can also now build teleporters aboard freighter bases, send capital ships on fleet expeditions for stat bonuses, add a custom Title to your player name that you earn through achievements, and more

The Relentless Moon, Mary Robinette Kowal’s latest Lady Astronaut novel, dropped last week and I completely forgot to talk about it!

  • For any Fanily members that haven’t read the series, it kicks off in The Calculating Stars in an alternate history 1950s America where due to spoilery events the space race has been supercharged with massive international cooperation
  • It’s such an interesting series from not just the scientific aspects, with everything well-researched to the point where it’s a novel with a bibliography, but it’s also really well written from a very human perspective of someone who has fought hard to get where she is but still has blind-spots that catch her unawares
  • The series is so dang good that when I was about to jump in to The Relentless Moon I instead went back and started the series over again, so it might be a week or two before you get my mini-review

Deadly Premonition 2 is being plagued by issues ranging from technical to straight-up transphobic

  • In the game’s original release there’s a scene where a woman is repeatedly misgendered and deadnamed, and though there were some cuts and edits made in an update it seems like they were done with a machete rather than a scalpel and it needs a lot more work
    • They awkwardly cut out the sentence where the main character deadnames her, but left a big pause, an awkward cut, and then has her outing her own deadname afterward anyway as she was previously responding to him.
  • This will hopefully continue to be fixed soon, along with issues with the camera controls and framerate problems

This week in past game history:

July 18 – 1992 – Block Breaker for Windows 3

  • A favorite of mine in most iterations. Solitare Pong.

July 19 – 2011 – Limbo – PS3

  • Limbo is one of the example of when Indie gaming titles were becoming a lot more than hobby projects and custom modded Super Mario Games.
  • Its dark silhouette art style is still referenced to nearly a decade later

July 20 – 2004 – Catwoman – GameCube, PS2, Xbox

  • Another licensed title by EA, based on the movie with the same name, starring Halle Berry. The game follows the film’s plot and its models and graphics are based upon the respective characters and locations as seen in the movie. Halle Berry also lends her voice to the character, aside from her likeness.
  • A dark period where movies needed a rushed game to make a few bucks riding the coattails of the latest blockbuster. IGN scored the game then, a faavorable 3.8 out of 10

July 21 – 2017 – SUPERHOT – PS4


July 22 – 2002 – Sonic Bowling – DoJa

  • Sonic Bowling is a mobile phone bowling game from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. One player can bowl against up to three computer-controlled characters, or 2-4 real players can bowl against each other. Characters include Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • DoJa profile is a Java application environment, now for mobile phones everything is narrowed down to iOS or Android

July 23 – 2003 – Ubi Soft makes internal studio for cutscenes

  • Ubi Soft forms a new internal studio to develop CGI cut-scenes for their various games. The first game to utilize this studio is Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

July 24 – 1997 – Monster Rancher is released in Japan – Playstation

  • North American audiences had to wait until November 24th to get this game
  • Monster Rancher is a “monster raising” simulation in which you raise your monsters in order to win fighting tournaments and become the greatest breeder ever.
  • A unique feature is the way you obtain your monsters: from every CD you own. That’s right: every CD you own (including PC ones, musical and even 3D0 games) can be used to generate a different monster.


  • Samsung’s announced their new Galaxy Z Flip 5G smartphone, which is just the same folding-screen flip phone we talked about back in February but with a 5G modem crammed in
    • As a reminder, this is a clamshell flip phone that supports being half open and working like the tiny laptop
    • Reviews talked about it being a very expensive phone with middling specs and a tough user experience, and the 5G model takes it from $1200USD to $1450
  • Many websites and services like Discord, Feedly, and League of Legends went down for a short time last week thanks to a broken router in Atlanta
    • Apparently the international problem was related to Cloudflare’s DNS service and hit about half the internet across Europe and the US
  • NBC’s new streaming service Peacock has an extra surprise hidden in its terms and conditions- a reportedly solid recipe for chocolate cake
    • Some of the instructions and measurements are a little janky, but instagram user alwaysalejandra called it “a lovely simple chocolatey snacking cake”
  • Dead By Daylight is releasing full crossplay between Switch, PS4, XBone and PC, with options to opt out if you want, and also bringing cross-progression between Steam, Stadia, and Switch, with efforts continuing to bring it to Sony and Microsoft consoles
  • A new listing for something called The Red Door by Activision mysteriously appeared on the Xbox One store this week, accessible only through the back-end databases, with a foreboding description about the truth and looking for answers
    • According to Twitter people have managed to view the splash screen while trying to load it and it’s actually the alpha for Call of Duty Black Ops CIA though, and we can rest easy knowing that Activision definitely isn’t taking a chance on cool new IP


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Free Games

  • Epic Games

    • Killing Floor 2

      • 2016
      • First person wave-based shooter than can be played solo or with up to 6 players cooperatively, it has you descending into continental Europe after it’s been overrun by murderous clones called Zeds
      • They also added an asymmetrical PVP mode that has one or more players taking on the role of the Zeds to kill the mercenaries
    • Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition

      • 2014
      • Adventure puzzle platformer that has you exploring an alien planet where you stumble upon a derelict Soviet Union science outpost and try to piece together how they got there and where they’ve gone now
      • The Premier Edition brings new content, improved graphics, new original music, and additional voice-acting
    • The Escapists 2

      • 2017
      • Top-down strategy RPG that has you playing an inmate in a prison, following daily routines, completing quests for fellow inmates, and seeking opportunities to escape
      • It also includes local and online multiplayer, either cooperative where two players help eachother break out or competitive where two teams see who can break out the fastest
  • Ubisoft is hosting their first all-digital conference streaming live on July 12, and if you log on to during the event you can get a free copy of Watch Dogs 2

Surprising completely no one, Google-backed groups are criticizing Apple’s warnings about user tracking

  • The next batch of updates coming to Apple software this fall have a lot to do with user tracking- specifically, giving you prompts when websites or apps are trying to track you across multiple services
  • Well a group of 16 marketing associations, many backed by Facebook and Google, are getting mad at Apple for not sticking to the existing ad-industry standard for getting user consent under European privacy rules, complaining that between the current adding a second layer of permissions increases the risk that users will refuse
  • Apple defended the move, and I believe rightfully so, by saying that the new feature is aimed at giving users greater transparency over how their info is being used and monetized