We sit down with Jen.
FYI: After the 50 minute mark it bits a bit dark.
If you listened to the Live Halo 5 episode, he was on near the end. And he came back for more microphone action.

He won the Elite controller. It’s dang expensive.
The guys talk pro gaming strategies.

Divian, the organizer for the Halo 5 event, still hasn’t added us on Xbox live.
Josh is lazy and yells at his Xbox to make it play the Netflix.
Jen is trying to form a team of Rocket Leaguers, or whatever they’re called.

Mike tells us how his Chief armour disintegrated during the Halo 5 event.
The cosplayers of jealous of the cosplayers with workshops.

Jen makes his cosplay with foam. He’s a part of the Knights of Cos.
He and Mike, highly recommend the books on foam armour by Bill Doran.
And he’s looking into making an armour dummy.

The guys hatch a plan inspired by Home Alone for Mike to do.
And then it will destroy Geralds life.

Josh talks One Punch Man with Jen.
The mole men seemed to be Saitama’s only challenge.
Then Josh gives an explanation of this crazy show.

Jen asks the guy’s, if we had our own finishing move, what would it be?
Instead of answering, Josh tries to coyote ugly the question.
They stick Josh with the Horrible Segway finishing move.

Jen started his cosplay adventure with an Attack on Titan costume.
Then he and Mike talk the hours of working with foam.
Then he plugs the youtube video of a Raiden cosplayer we met at CCEE.
We share tales of silly cosplayers.

Josh is wrong about the flash movie he is talking about.
He means Spazkid. Sparked has the video called Egorapture. And that is what he is talking about.
Then he tells the tale of Newgrounds. A magical place.

Then we talk about new YouTube algorithms.

Seemingly mandatory Star Wars talk.
Briefly about The Force Awakens.
Then Alan goes through the theory of Jar Jar Binks being the Phantom Menace.

Then Jen asks some Star Wars universe questions.
Which we are all nerdy enough to answer.

Halo talk gets blended into Star Wars through a Mass Effect segway.
So much sic-fi.

Josh ruins it with instagram.

Mike’s finishing move is Halo Talk. Talking people to death.
Alan’s is a blunt I Don’t Care about this.

Josh gets a bit of Gundam Battle Assault 2 into it.
Josh was sick of Heero’s lame catchphrase.
The suit Jen may be talking about is Acguy. An amphibious mobile suit.
Mike would run out of ammo as Heavy Arms.
And the guys get all explainey about the Gundams.
Josh remembers the name of Gundam: Encounters in Space.

Jen loves him some Ape Escape.
Josh is sad he missed out of the franchise.
We mention Yokai Watch, a franchise that beat out Pokemon.
And talk about how some American franchises are really big in Japan. Like Mickey Mouse and Peanuts.

Then Alan talks about the things he noticed while visiting Japan.
Walking and drinking is considered rude.

Jen talks about how at home in Malaysia, they eat every/anything.
Torpedo soup.

Then Josh gets dark.
And the whole podcast gets a bit nasty.
And Jen talks about monkey brain.

Mike says his puns are a syndrome.
Based on a guy getting brain surgery and spinning sick puns.

Jen is got sucked by the false ending.

And talk to us in the comments!

Twitter and Instagram @ps2jshow
Facebook Facebook.com/ps2jshow
And, as always, thanks for listening.

We feel that Star Wars trailers just look like all other Star Wars trailer.
Then we speculate on what happened at the end of SW Episode VI to lead up to The Force Awakens.
We delve way too far into the arms race of Star Wars space ships.
Its interesting how Lego has a a lock down of Star Wars leaks.
We talk about different types of lightsabers there are.
A Bad Boys remake of Star Wars would be great.
Too many funny Martins.
We try to talk about the hype train again.
And immediately derail into the topic of how Playboy has moved away from pornography.
Open innovation to get sponsored by Apple.
Fun fact for an Apple employee screening this for content, recorded on a MacBook Pro. Edited on an Mac.
How much does Bill Gates needs to see on the ground to pick it up?
Answer, a lot.
Apple store employee that stole a LOT of gift cards.
Mike continues on how he dislikes Black Widow and Hawkeye.
Alan compares each Avenger to their powers.
Mike brings up the Honest Trailers review of Avengers 2: Age of Big Bad.
Alan feels like Ultron could still exist on some network.
Josh brings in that the movie is, and mode to be a blockbuster, when he has brought other expectations that the movie doesn’t promise to bring.
Maybe if you feel the same as Mike, Alan and Josh agree that you should just see The Martian.
Mike is high maintenance when it comes to entertainment.
Josh has a TON of movies, while Alan’s movie shelves contain mostly games.
Mike can confirm.
Josh admits to having a butt ton of junk.
Mad Catz. The controller for when guests are over.
Then we practice some unprofessionalism and do some planning while recording.

We got to hang out with a bunch of cool people.

It all starts when our first guest sits down, Kendall, and Josh explains the REQ System for unlocking content.
Then we put Tyler in the podcast. Thats right, we did.
Hannah talks to Alan about the table set up, and brings up the Skyrim launch she was at.

Brock joins the podcast to talk about this Halo game. He’s looking forward to multiplayer, mainly Warzone. And he had to get himself the Legendary edition.

Someone, presumably without a name, joins briefly and they get a rundown on what we are about.
Diviyan makes the first announcement, then Extra Life raps about their charity and then Josh talks.

Hannah talks about a lack of good female characters, and moves on to Cortana’s looks. Alan counters with the fact, no character in game cares what she looks like.

Josh sits in for Alan, and pester’s Hannah’s fiance, Cole. Hannah looks forward to ladies fighting front lines.
And then she runs the show with Ken.

Cody and Merissa hang out with us. Cody plugs his MLP podcast, Pony Tonite.

Aron finds us. Another guy looking forward to Halo? What, eerie. And he had a Xbox eat discs :<
Hannah talks about the relationship problems being your boyfriend at Halo brings. Alan talks about Force Awakens being on Canadian Netflix first! And another loud raffle happens. Alan talks about a neat Best Buy deal with the Halo 5 controllers. Alan and Aron talk about Destiny. Alan talks about when the night started and there were a lot of shoppers in the store.

Micheal joins Alan and Aron at the table. Micheal is drawing people in Halo armour for extra life. Another raffle goes on. Alan asks what their favourite Halo moment is. Josh returns from the nether. Alan and Josh talk about fun custom game types they played at a bachelor party. Listener asks another listener about drawing on the Surface. Alan talks about the introduction of Microsoft Stores, and how people thought they were ripping off Apple.

We welcome Jen to the table! He’s interested in armour, and is willing to play the game. Jen talks about the aiming down sights, Alan says a review is not as bad as it was in the beta. Talk about ground poundin’. Carts of games and controllers roll out. Alan talks about Mike’s hardcore Halo gaming past. Eagle Claw… More Elite controller talk, the box is the carry case? 30 minute announcement for release. Elite controller give away announcement. Bunch of jerks drumroll on a table with microphones. Then, Jen wins the Elite controller!

Bye Mike! He was hurting and checked out. Also, we talked to Jen a long time. Listen to the extended cut to hear it all!
Josh tells Jen what platforms he can hear PS2J on with his Android.

Alan and Josh finally get to sit and chat with Diviyan. Neat, we can all add Div360 now.

Thank you all, and good night.

This cut is available only on our site.
Next time, we will ask for some quieter music…
Its the full(ish) recording, here are time stamps:
0:00:00 – Intro/Alan alone.
0:01:22 – Cosplayers arrive.
0:03:21 – Josh pops in, briefly.
0:05:15 – Alan accepts his fate, gives commentary on Microsoft Store.
0:07:44 – Description of the party atmosphere, Josh jumps in.
0:09:03 – First guest sits down, Kendall, and Josh explains the REQ System for unlocking content.
0:12:20 – Hannah wanders in.
0:13:15 – Tyler gets a shout out for being there.
0:13:43 – Alan and Hannah talk about past midnight launches.
0:17:22 – Alan talks to someone who doesn’t want to be on the podcast, doesn’t want to be, but talks over our microphone anyways.
0:19:00 – Hannah talks about gamer girls.
0:22:04 – Hannah and Alan sell the podcast to a walker-by.
0:23:45 – Alan encourages and Hannah eggs someone to sit down.
0:23:50 – Brock joins the podcast to talk about this Halo game.
0:26:35 – Mike wanders to the podcast booth.
0:30:25 – They get someone to sit down! Alan and Hannah talk about PS2J a bit.
0:32:45 – Diviyan makes the first announcement! .
0:34:16 – Chris from Extra Life makes their announcement.
0:35:12 – Josh butchers their announcement X_X His joke falls flaaaaaaaaat.
0:37:16 – Hannah updates her woman tally.
0:37:40 – Hannah talks about her hate on Cortana, and talks about women in gaming.
0:40:40 – Alan wins the Cortana argument (In my opinion – Josh)
0:46:32 – Hannah tries to start a Star Wars conversation.
0:47:32 – Alan and Hanna talk to indecisive people that cross our path.
0:49:21 – Josh jumps in for Alan, so he can get his raffle on.
0:51:15 – Hannah is excited to see women fight on the front line.
0:52:00 – First raffle give away.
0:53:02 – Ken and Hannah run the mic.
0:55:24 – Hannah talks about Pokemon at her work.
0:56:35 – Actual hosts, Alan and Josh show up.
0:57:37 – Cody and Merissa join the podcast.
0:58:55 – Another giveaway is done.
1:03:04 – Josh leaves to do a raffle.
1:05:55 – Josh calls out the number for the raffle.
1:06:44 – Cody plugs his own podcast, a MLP Podcast called Pony Tonite.
1:08:20 – Hannah reappears.
1:09:45 – We get Aron to sit down with us, sad about the loss of split screen.
1:15:20 – Hannah talks about the relationship problems being your boyfriend at Halo brings.
1:22:21 – Alan talks about Force Awakens being on Canadian Netflix first! And another loud raffle happens.
1:23:45 – Alan talks about a neat Best Buy deal with the Halo 5 controllers.
1:24:40 – Alan and Aron talk about Destiny.
1:30:40 – Alan talks about when the night started and there were a lot of shoppers in the store.
1:32:00 – Micheal joins Alan and Aron at the table.
1:33:20 – Micheal is drawing people in Halo armour for extra life.
1:37:18 – Another raffle goes on.
1:38:30 – Alan asks what their favourite Halo moment is.
1:40:24 – Josh returns from the nether.
1:41:43 – Alan and Josh talk about fun custom game types they played at a bachelor party.
1:49:39 – Listener asks another listener about drawing on the Surface.
1:53:05 – Alan talks about the introduction of Microsoft Stores, and how people thought they were ripping off Apple.
1:55:10 – The Instagram contest is announced! We didn’t win :<
2:03:03 – The first recording end, and we have a slight loss.
2:07:04 – 2nd Mic started working again.
2:07:26 – Josh talks about his favourite edit that Alan did on an episode of Earth Defence Force.
2:09:09 – Hannah talks about people with PS2J Show pins on, that she sees on Instagram.
2:10:56 – Hannah talks about an awkward social interaction with someone at the party.
2:12:33 – Kendal comes back and tells us about Halo 5. He got to play a bit.
2:14:02 – Little Miss Muffet has stolen a tuffet and on record, admitted it.
2:15:15 – There is a bit of talk about the Elite controller.
2:16:33 – We welcome Jen to the table! He’s interested in armour, and is willing to play the game.
2:18:38 – Jen talks about the aiming down sights, Alan says a review is not as bad as it was in the beta.
2:19:53 – Talk about ground poundin’.
2:20:14 – Carts of games and controllers roll out.
2:21:38 – Alan talks about Mike’s hardcore Halo gaming past. Eagle Claw…
2:22:15 – More Elite controller talk, the box is the carry case?
2:23:29 – 30 minute announcement for release.
2:23:51 – Elite controller give away announcement.
2:24:06 – Bunch of jerks drumroll on a table with microphones.
2:24:30 – Jen wins the Elite controller!
2:25:16 – And Jen doesn’t even own a XBone.
2:28:10 – Hannah swore. Oh my gosh.
2:29:25 – Jen is liking Arrow, and Hannah talks about Black Canary and Injustice.
2:30:24 – Jen talks about a crazy Deadspace / Batman mashup to cosplay
2:32:11 – Hannah describes the mashup suit
2:33:03 – Josh bring up the embroidered polo’s he got Alan, with PS2J logo and his PS2J avatar.
2:33:52 – Jen has Alan describe the Elite controller while its still in the box.
2:35:41 – Hannah checks out of the party.
2:36:30 – Josh sheds light on a very controversial subject in the PS2J community.
2:37:02 – Jen has an interesting thought, what if Halo were a RPG.
2:37:53 – Josh asks what everyone’s favourite Halo weapons are.
2:38:34 – Jen calls each of us Spartan (Last Name) with HILARIOUS results.
2:39:44 – Kendall asks what our favourite Halo was.
2:41:04 – All of the Microsoft employees are getting their photo with the Spartans.
2:41:25 – Alan is REALLY selling the Elite controller.
2:42:09 – Jun tells his strange story about his experience with Halo.
2:43:58 – Josh shows off his Mr. Meeseeks impression
2:44:13 – Kendall talks about his time at the midnight launch.
2:45:36 – Josh says how its been a positive experience working with the Microsoft Store.
2:46:41 – Josh talks about the prizes Mike saw them give away for the Chief Collection party.
2:47:00 – Alan admits this is the best release party he has been to.
2:47:48 – Kendall tells us about the Sunset Overdrive launch party he went to.
2:48:23 – Josh regales everyone with the tale of how he got his Kinect.
2:49:10 – Jen lets us know about the TCEG Con debacle.
2:50:33 – We elude to mugging Jen for his controller with a button.
2:51:39 – Jen does a shout out to Brandon Stoner who is now Hanz Stoner? Courtesy of Chewbacca?
2:52:18 – Diviyan thanks everyone for coming.
2:53:13 – Jen and Alan describe everyone lining up.
2:54:12 – Jen pushes my (Josh) quality of editing with requests. Ugh…
2:55:33 – Alan talks about his fear of opening something new in public.
2:56:56 – Alan tells Jen about the custom paint jobs Josh has done in the past.
2:59:10 – Jen learns about the unfortunate truth of 40K constantly updating.
3:01:58 – Alan is skeptical of the scale of other launches compared to this Halo 5 launch.
3:03:28 – Alan makes edit requests, which I may not have done.
3:04:21 – Mike shows up to the table.
3:05:39 – Fun Fact: I listened at normal speed :’<
3:06:38 – Team Locke vs Team Chief
3:08:47 – Halo 5 conspiracy CRACKED!
3:14:34 – Ignore this part, just our company account.
3:14:56 – Next Midnight Launch spoiler?!
3:20:07 – Diviyan takes care of us.
3:24:14 – Josh finally gets on the right side of the microphone. Then starts to show off some painting.
3:30:29 – Bye Mike! He sleepy.
3:31:57 – Graham makes it back and shares what he took pictures of earlier this evening.
3:32:59 – Josh goofs around with the plasma pistol and helmet.
3:34:25 – Alan has to go to the bathroom quick, Josh sits in…
3:35:55 – Graham asks a great question, to the wrong person.
3:38:03 – Jen feels he brought something to the podcast.
3:38:22 – Josh tells Jen how his sister kept Alan busy at the table.
3:40:21 – Josh tells Jen what platforms he can hear PS2J on with his Android.
3:41:17 – Alan and Josh finally get to sit and chat with Diviyan.
3:44:29 – Neat, we can all add Div360 now.
3:46:41 – Thank you all, and good night.
If you listen the whole thing. Wow. Great job.
Needless to say, spoilers?
We will eventually talk about Halo 5.
But we start off talking about Lucas Lee from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.
He solve Darkseids, Anti Life Equation.
Halo is like 14 years old!
Then we talk about owning/not owning original Xbox.
Wort wort wooort.
Josh talks about the bad shooters his Dad plays.
Mike talks about old Halo, getting to hack it and such.
Why no split screen Halo 5? Why?
We gripe a bit about AI companions.
Josh talks about the old Prince of Persia movie, Alan argues (for?) ostrich races.
Then Josh talks about the Evil Dead remake, its pretty good.
Alan talks about the new YouTube Red.
Mike gives some Halo history, from the books.
He read all the books.
Josh misses the birthday confetti explosion.
Mike talks easter eggs. The Halo ones.
And the origin of game types, mostly from Halo 2.
We all agree that Reach was the best :3
And Mike gives a Bungie/343 history lesson.
Then we delve into Destiny.
And Eris Morn is dull. Incredibly dull.
Alan and Mike recall old Penny Arcade comics.
And there is a new season on Venture Bros?
Halo 5 Warzone game type seem promising.
Warren adds NPC enemies to multiplayer battle.
Transcribed is still the word of the month!
We plug our Halo 5 Midnight Launch that we are hosting!
Check it out at www.ps2jshow.com/halo5
We end the podcast by saying you should see The Martian.
We have Ryan again, and he is defiantly talking.
Alan has trained Mike to break easily.
Ryan tells us about his play through of Sonic Adventure 2.
And his laptop has stabbed him in the BACK!
We talk about our broken Little Big Planet game play.
Then we talk about abusing Chao’s to make them good.
And the word Josh was looking for was Transcript.
But still comment if you want one of those things. We are totally serious.
Then we help Ryan with the automation service we use.
And we talk business.
Mike asks why chaos were a thing?
He gets answers!
Mike feels chaos are worse than how people had to EV train Pokemon.
Josh shares his lament about trading in Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider.
Ryan has no such regrets.
We explain the Battletoads joke. We thought everyone knew?
And Mike and Josh, have a secret buddy that has also preordered Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon.
Ryan decides Destiny is not his MMO, Wildstar is.
Destiny is a lot like Halo jokes.
Not playing Warhammer is a fiscally responsibly decision!
Katbox.net, used to be exclusive. Now its less.
Wow. We make a lot of Dad jokes. Sorry, not sorry.
Mike hear fire bad. Fire good. Buy fire.
Josh talks about what he uses Deviant Art for.
Its for art!
Mike does armour, armour, armour, armour.
Ryan did armour! Sounds neat. He was Dave. From the Homestuck.
And Homestuck is the longest comic ever?
And the cartoon destroyed servers, and Mike lost interest.
The Josh asks, Is Naruto done?
Answer, is kinda. It has a sequel.
We talk YouTube and Nintendo shenanigans.
Then Josh gives a micro review for Hello Kitty: Seasons.
And he also 100% a Barbie game.
And PS2J doesn’t have an up converter for GameCube because… lazy.
And Mike has Oni, we should play it right?
It killed divisions of Bungie and Rockstar. Allegedly.
Josh also needs to play Mike’s copy of Firewarrior.
Ryan re-rails us, and tells us to play good games.
And then Ryan tells the guys about Freedom Planet.
It’s a Sonic tribute game that evolved into something great.
Then Ryan talks about how tough the last boss on Freedom Planet is.
And Mike tells about how frustrating the last boss on South Park 64 was.
And we complain about games that pull the main character out for a boss battle when you have never levelled them up.
Alan gives his strategy on beating Wiegraf in Final Fantasy Tactics.
And Seath the Scaleless is a sonnavabitch.
Josh’s triumph is from beating Gundam: Encounters in Space.
Then Ryan asks if we can play anything other than awful games.
We probably should. Keep than in mind for the future.
Double Thumbs Up Microphone.
Then the Tarantino style wrap up.
We settle in and have a varied chat, as we usually do.
He gives us the secret of his cool name.
And learns us up about his web comic Our World.
Ryan also tells us he has a Patreon for it and does commissions for money.
We go on a tangent about The Onion Router and the dark net.
Alan weaves the tale of how the creator of the Silk Road was discovered.
Then we bring up stories of people trying to pull things off the internet.
We get into his work as a 3D modeller.
And how he got his education for it.
Unfortunately he did NOT get to work on Farming Simulator 2015.
Then Mike and Ryan share stories of 3D schooling.
We also get into Ryan’s Youtube gaming channel.
Josh and Ryan (mostly Ryan), talk about how cool Shantae is.
Everyone talks about games past that we wished we played.
We have an interesting chat about copywriter? If thats possible.
Mike almost dies.
Josh finally got to watch The Invention Of Lying.
And then he goes on about Sir Patrick Stewart.
There is talk about MMO’s and delves into WoW stories.
We were happy to have him and do be afraid to contact us and be on yourself!
Find Ryan!
twitter – @kuurion
Our World comic
And talk to us in the comments!
Forgive Josh, he had heatstroke?
Alan bought the Portal: Cake Acquisition game.
Josh picked up Legendary Encounters: Predator.
Alan and Mike explain the creation of the red lightsaber crystal.
Mike talks about a continuing beef with a convention volunteer.
And he explains the restrictions volunteers have at Expo.
Mikes Friday, had a lot of people avoiding his Agent 47 cosplay.
And he had a good meet up with the Edmonton Cosplay group.
Saturday Mike got to meet up with other Halo cosplayers.
And we met a great Warlock cosplay from Destiny. Great job Chris!
We got contact with a great sith cosplay. Find him at facebook.com/k14cosplay
Alan’s Mario Maker Level, Collapsed Castle- BD48-0000-0070-B816
Mike got a lot of exposure with his suit. Met with video production and other guys.
He also points out the differences of a human ODST and a Spartan.
And he picked up oven mitts and  and a graphic novel.
Josh brings up the painful story of Mike’s 2nd degree burns.
And has him share it.
Josh agrees that pain is better than cleaning up 2 things.
“Marvel has it’s on DC” – Josh 2015
Alan and Josh ran into an old friend at the Table Top Cafe booth.
Shout out to Leah.
Mike had a quieter Sunday.
Josh disagrees with cosplay accuracy vs cosplay comfort.
Mike and a Spartan cosplayer played with some really sweet lightsabers.
And they are crazy awesome. http://genesiscustomsabers.com/
Then Mike and Josh end up talking about the new ships to the X Wing minis game.
New ships from The Force Awakens.
And Josh feels it will break everything that came out previously.
Then we all reminisce about Calgary Comic Con from years past.
We got to see Rob Paulson, Maurice LaMarsh and Jess Harnell.
We ran into a awesome cosplayer for the second time!
Looking at you
Mik’s helmat keeps cutting his head.
CON STORIES! From you’s.
Performed for a huge crowd on Saturday, with his Saber Guild Echo Base Temple.
-Sorry we missed it.
Kid Remington:
As the Joker, in all seriousness. The volunteers were great, the layout’s great, the lemonades were great, the costumers did what the costumers do.
-We agree. After deliberation, it was better once you got it.
Meeting new friends and all the celebs were beyond amazing
-We hope we’re you friends! Lol jk, we are weird.
Alan and Josh had a tough job giving away rare amiibos.
Thanks Kuurion! kuurion.deviantart.com
And we didn’t hammer the other two for info.
Didn’t want to come off scammy.
And we shall continue Random Acts of Amiibo!
Let’s wrap this thing up.
Twitter/Instagram @ps2jshow
Facebook ps2jshow