Ken joins us again!
Indie games and Ken is on the table for topic.
Risk of Rain, a new rouge like game that has some risky rain…
Josh talks about his unhealthy obsession with the puzzle/dating sim called HuinePop.
Then we talk about Harvey Birdman. An awesome show which you should see!
And Alan and Josh reminisce about their laziest phase ever.
And everything on the internet is free, don’t ‘cha know.
Cool car charging roads!
And Kickstarters to make solar roads.
In Japan, they have crazy musical road ways and highly specialized Tokyo cab drivers.
Ken is still enjoying Knights of the Old Republic 2, and gets us back up to speed on it.
Alan shares the issues he had with the game.
Then the guys remember the first one was the best one.
Ken tells us about an interesting game, Factorio.
Its like the Minecraft Tekkie mod, but its played top down.
And Josh talks about a game he can’t remember the name of. Turns out its called “Big Pharma” by Twice Circled.
Then Josh talks about the game “Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme”, that Steam is trying to sell him.
Alan is left in the cold because Mike and Josh never got back to him about Neverwinter Nights.
Row row. Fight the powah!
Also, Neon Genesis Evangelion does not equal Gurren Lagann.
Josh has his base knowledge of Neon Genesis from a Puzzle And Dragons collaboration.
And Josh shows off his PaD creatures in his awful PaD Talk.
Alan saw tournament machines for PaD, while he was in Japan.
And they talk about crazy Japanese arcade machines.
Cooking with cans of beer! Recipes and the defiantly do not’s of cooking with beer.
We plan to play Crawl with Ken, look forward to that!
Rick and Morty, we love it, and if you don’t… that’s ok.
We really enjoy the after credit sequences.
Funny and or crazy.
Sommersby Cider. Delicious and Josh isn’t a heavy drinker.
And don’t forget, Soylent!
Recipe 2.0 is premixed in 400 calorie bottles.
Then Alan is reminded of Repo! The Genetic Opera.
Josh has a huff and want’s alan to watch The Muppets. Mostly the reboot stuff.
Alan suggests that Mike introduces Veronica to the Star Wars franchise in Machete order.
Machete order is 4,5,2,3,6.
And we sign off with a clip from the YouTube video we talked about.
We welcome our guest Ken!
He’s a guy that likes things.
He likes a game called Terraria, and we want him to explain it to us.
He worked on a MOD for it! Which is neat.
It’s got more fighting to do with it, and that makes it fun.
Except when people refer to Tumblr. Leave it to the professionals.
Hi Corey! … again.
And why The Last Airbender 2?
Shambalam, Shamawow, M Night Camelean.
Also, Homestuck and Smuppets, I guess.
Mike likes Terraria for guns and werewolves.
And Ken likes making villages for NPC’s.
Mike tells tales of an old game of Dwarf Fortress.
Ken drops a truth bomb of the origins of cat’s from dwarf beards.
Josh wants you to subscribe to Buttcast. No. 1 Butt-cast.
Then he talks about podcasts he listen’s to and how some are cited as news.
Prostitute facts! last living things on earth.
Ken jokes and Josh fumbles a Simpsons reference.
Ken also shares in his love of Betrayal at House On The Hill.
And we want a Risk Legacy board, you can totally send us one if you’d like!
We argue about the song Happy Birthday. Thats quality listening.
Then they tell of harder times. World of Warcraft from long, long ago.
We break down boob dynamics, super mature.
Then it becomes a decision about how loud Josh is.
That leads into super powered complaints.
Josh opens up on how he was hit with credit fraud.
And it must be story time, because they then share their plane stories.
And we end by talking about Terraria again, and then Starbound.
Veronica’s PS2J with Kermit, Kermit and Alan.
Tanto Cuore, the maid deck building games.
And Josh was prepared?!
And Alan vouches for Josh reading a book. PROOF! It happened.
Book talk in the board game podcast!
Bear with us as we talk about the Road.
Veronica likes Lords of Waterdeep, a worker placement game.
It looks intimidating to start with the amount of pieces involved.
She also enjoys to screw over her friends recommends The Resistance.
Then we reminisce on a past game of The Resistance that the 4 of us participated in.
To continue her friendship destroying game list, Diplomacy.
The long drawn out bargaining game to win WW1.
Josh wishes that PS2J could get its own Risk Legacy board.
Alan enjoys board game easter eggs, such as the Cards Against Humanity Bigger Blacker Box.
Then Josh asks about HeroClix.
We delve into all kinds of Clix, ActionClix, Halo, Star Trek.
Mike talks tournament rewards for Star Trek Attack Wing and X-Wing.
And Veronica’s last favourite game, Betrayal At House On The Hill.
Then stories are shared on how Josh was destroyed and other BAHOTH tales.
Party game chat! Because some people have lots of friends.
And the all important talk of when is it appropriate to be a dick.
We then talk about hard board games. We’re looking at you Legendary Encounters: Alien.
Then an awful outro that you have all come to love.
We welcome our first guest to the new format, Veronica!
You be be just as cool as her! Get on the show with us!
Twitter us, Facebook, comment, you can even email us ps2jshow at
We spit out about the X Men. And all things X.
Who thinks Wolverine is all that? Apparently everyone.
Josh relishes in his prediction of Fantastic 4 being garbage.
Bad movies make hilarious references.
And then great Mythbuster episodes.
Mike knows the next X Men movie won’t go as far as he has read in comics.
Alan brings up the interesting series Old Man Logan.
Josh questions how Wolverine has never crushed any of his lovers with his adamantium skeleton.
Veronica talks about how awesome Prof. X is. And how character duality is the most interesting to her.
Mike likes Cable, because he is like Matrix from Reboot.
Josh determines that Wolverine’s claws would make great spear tips, which Alan relates to a sword from the Souls games.
Josh also adds that Magneto is his favourite.
Alan’s X-Men bro sauce is all over the Gambit.
And why not some Thor history.
And we do our usual thing to bring the episode to a close with Veronica.
PS2J continues with more Bullshit D&D.
Its a game where one person is the DM and has a D20. The players try to make characters and have an adventure while the DM rolls their single D20 to determine whether you can do what you want, exceed at what you did or completely fail at what you want.
It’s easy to solve a series of murders if you were the ones committing them.


Alan – DM
Mike – Rognack the Half Ork, Barbarian hopeful
Josh – Soots MaGoots the Gnome, Tank/Cannonball
Crab burp and other burp. Completely mature right?
And straight into cat puke chat. Hope you’re eating.
And for the main topic, we talk about how crowdfunding is really helping the board game market.
How the idea of what a board game was, and how the landscape is changing.
And it is not Monopoly hour, don’t panic.
The juggernaut Cards Against Humanity has really changed a lot of things when it come to being a board game company.
And CAH does really cool things.
Then Josh goes on about his cool Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King
Somehow more Destiny talk sneaks in. Seems like some hubbub is about that game.
And we talk about our upcoming Destiny series that will be live on Twitch.
And about Twitch, what-cha-doin. Help the lil guys. We’ve had poor experiences, and don’t wish it on anyone else.
Alan talks about cool ways for developers to give away their games with a paid option.
And a PS2J Patreon? We are not serious.
And Josh is amused by Snapchat features.
Then Alan gets old man curmudgeon on stupid ways to communicate and waste data.
Have a topic? Want to be on the show? Contact us in our many ways!
Easiest would be to comment.
Just sayin.

Sorry for the late upload.

Here it is now! Are you not entertained?!


Josh talks about what would we do without reddit, and really shows how uncreative and vanilla he is with a ‘ding dong ditch’ reference.
The guys talk about people being SWAT’ed and YouTube strikes. Riveting conversation!
And don’t forget, we Canadians invented somethings and WE take credit for them whenever we can!
Maybe the Star Wars universe will be released in Disney infinity?
Did you know we missed the Dethklok show? We tell that tale.
We then rip into movies, the good and the bad, the really bad.
Josh and Alan really need to watch the movies Josh buys.
And do not forget how we crash and burn! We are so great at that.
Did you know the Cards Against Humanity does some cool stuff? We learn you.
I’m writhing thinking, “Is he still talking? Dear god.”
And we end with the long awkward goodbye.
Josh starts off by sharing some Roulette Candy.
Mike is entertained, yet not enthralled with comic book movies as of late.
We also get into future of comic book movies. And what we are looking forward to. And what we’re not.
We have a conversation that no fans ever like to have, distribution/production rights and our favourite characters.
Team Fortress 2 comics are hilarious. Check them out.
And, as always, thanks for listening.
PS2J has their first session of Bullshit D20.
Its a game where one person is the Dm and has a D20. The players try to make characters and have an adventure while the DM rolls their single D20 to determine whether you can do what you want, exceed at what you did or completely fail at what you want.
So, a zombie goes into a hobbit tinkerer’s shop to buy some Turbo Legs…
Stop me if you’ve heard this one?


Alan – DM
Mike – Hobbit, tinkerer
Josh – Zombie, Butcher/Mercenary “The Butcher”

Welcome to the first and last Buttcast!

Alan asks us, why don’t the Zords fight individually? Because forming a single entity seems to be counter productive. Then we all go on about the 90’s cartoons we remember. And complain about discmans, and other old portable music devices.

We shamelessly compliment Alan on his editing on our game play videos.

“He is doing an awesome job, best decision I ever made was getting Alan to edit our gameplay” – Josh 

And hey, we talk about getting the site working! That’s awesome. Mike then wonders what the hell is wrong with Triple A gaming. And some open world games are just too big.

And we plug Soylent more! Could you sponsor us? Please Soylent! Any Soylent representative, refer to minute 24 for the start of Soylent-Cast.

We make plans to Twitch stream more! Also, chat about XWing mods and gameplay. We drift into Firestorm Armada and Halo Fleet Battles, fleet battle miniatures games. And we end the podcast by breaking down to Warhammer 40k.