Halo 5 Midnight Launch!

October 21, 2015

Big news everyone! We are having a table for podcast sessions at the Halo 5 midnight launch! But what is going on? What is so special about us being there? Well… we have a Mike.

PS2J’s resident cosplayer has made a sweet Master Chief cosplay, and his debut suit n’ boot will be at the Halo 5 midnight launch.

Where can you see this for yourself? And/Or attend a rockin midnight launch for Halo 5? We’re glad you asked. We will be at the Microsoft Store in West Edmonton Mall. Doors open for the launch party at 7 PM, on October 26th. And you will be able to buy the game at 10 pm! How awesome is that.

Please join us, get a picture with the cosplayers, chat with the guys and enjoy.

Why not join the Facebook Event as well!

And please feel free to comment, with any questions you may have.

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