Joking Hazard

October 14, 2016

Alan was a backer for the Kickstarter, and we just got to play a game. This is my review!


Joking Hazard is a party game for 3 to 10 people. The box recommends it to be (im)mature adults, due to its references to sex, violence and basically anything you have seen on the Cyanide and Happiness comic. If that comic is one you enjoy, or you are a big fan of Cards Against Humanity, this will be a great game for you.



The game play is really simple. Each player is dealt 7 cards. A player is chosen to be the first judge to start the game, then reveals the top card from the deck. How the turn is played is based on the type of card revealed.

A card with a black border is most common. The judge chooses a card from their hand and places it on either the left or right of the card from the deck. These make the first two panels of a comic. The rest of the players choose a card from their hand to complete the comic and pass it face down to the judge. Randomly selecting and revealing cards, the judge picks what card is their favourite to complete the comic. The person who had the winning card gets it from the judge as a victory point.

The other possibility, is the card has a red border. These are special, as they are usually more unique designs, and they have to be used as the final panel. Now the judge has to wait as the players select two cards, to create the first two panels of the comic. Players pass their selection face down to the judge, then they randomize the piles and reveal them in order. Again the judge selects what pair is their favourite comic, and the person who played the two cards will get them back as points.


The box is solid, which is perfect for taking over to friends houses. Cards are high quality, similar to Bicycle brand playing cards. Alan got a couple expansions with his set, giving us a lot of cards right away. As well as some blank cards for us to write out own text on.


It’s like Cards Against Humanity but with comic panels. Durable to be played a lot.


If you and your friends are fans of Cards Against Humanity or Cyanide and Happiness, this game is a safe bet for a good time. And it even comes with official drinking rules. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to playing it again! Its an easy addition to most board game collections, as it can be played to start a game night, or be the last game when everyone has had a bit to drink.

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