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Next time, we will ask for some quieter music…
Its the full(ish) recording, here are time stamps:
0:00:00 – Intro/Alan alone.
0:01:22 – Cosplayers arrive.
0:03:21 – Josh pops in, briefly.
0:05:15 – Alan accepts his fate, gives commentary on Microsoft Store.
0:07:44 – Description of the party atmosphere, Josh jumps in.
0:09:03 – First guest sits down, Kendall, and Josh explains the REQ System for unlocking content.
0:12:20 – Hannah wanders in.
0:13:15 – Tyler gets a shout out for being there.
0:13:43 – Alan and Hannah talk about past midnight launches.
0:17:22 – Alan talks to someone who doesn’t want to be on the podcast, doesn’t want to be, but talks over our microphone anyways.
0:19:00 – Hannah talks about gamer girls.
0:22:04 – Hannah and Alan sell the podcast to a walker-by.
0:23:45 – Alan encourages and Hannah eggs someone to sit down.
0:23:50 – Brock joins the podcast to talk about this Halo game.
0:26:35 – Mike wanders to the podcast booth.
0:30:25 – They get someone to sit down! Alan and Hannah talk about PS2J a bit.
0:32:45 – Diviyan makes the first announcement! .
0:34:16 – Chris from Extra Life makes their announcement.
0:35:12 – Josh butchers their announcement X_X His joke falls flaaaaaaaaat.
0:37:16 – Hannah updates her woman tally.
0:37:40 – Hannah talks about her hate on Cortana, and talks about women in gaming.
0:40:40 – Alan wins the Cortana argument (In my opinion – Josh)
0:46:32 – Hannah tries to start a Star Wars conversation.
0:47:32 – Alan and Hanna talk to indecisive people that cross our path.
0:49:21 – Josh jumps in for Alan, so he can get his raffle on.
0:51:15 – Hannah is excited to see women fight on the front line.
0:52:00 – First raffle give away.
0:53:02 – Ken and Hannah run the mic.
0:55:24 – Hannah talks about Pokemon at her work.
0:56:35 – Actual hosts, Alan and Josh show up.
0:57:37 – Cody and Merissa join the podcast.
0:58:55 – Another giveaway is done.
1:03:04 – Josh leaves to do a raffle.
1:05:55 – Josh calls out the number for the raffle.
1:06:44 – Cody plugs his own podcast, a MLP Podcast called Pony Tonite.
1:08:20 – Hannah reappears.
1:09:45 – We get Aron to sit down with us, sad about the loss of split screen.
1:15:20 – Hannah talks about the relationship problems being your boyfriend at Halo brings.
1:22:21 – Alan talks about Force Awakens being on Canadian Netflix first! And another loud raffle happens.
1:23:45 – Alan talks about a neat Best Buy deal with the Halo 5 controllers.
1:24:40 – Alan and Aron talk about Destiny.
1:30:40 – Alan talks about when the night started and there were a lot of shoppers in the store.
1:32:00 – Micheal joins Alan and Aron at the table.
1:33:20 – Micheal is drawing people in Halo armour for extra life.
1:37:18 – Another raffle goes on.
1:38:30 – Alan asks what their favourite Halo moment is.
1:40:24 – Josh returns from the nether.
1:41:43 – Alan and Josh talk about fun custom game types they played at a bachelor party.
1:49:39 – Listener asks another listener about drawing on the Surface.
1:53:05 – Alan talks about the introduction of Microsoft Stores, and how people thought they were ripping off Apple.
1:55:10 – The Instagram contest is announced! We didn’t win :<
2:03:03 – The first recording end, and we have a slight loss.
2:07:04 – 2nd Mic started working again.
2:07:26 – Josh talks about his favourite edit that Alan did on an episode of Earth Defence Force.
2:09:09 – Hannah talks about people with PS2J Show pins on, that she sees on Instagram.
2:10:56 – Hannah talks about an awkward social interaction with someone at the party.
2:12:33 – Kendal comes back and tells us about Halo 5. He got to play a bit.
2:14:02 – Little Miss Muffet has stolen a tuffet and on record, admitted it.
2:15:15 – There is a bit of talk about the Elite controller.
2:16:33 – We welcome Jen to the table! He’s interested in armour, and is willing to play the game.
2:18:38 – Jen talks about the aiming down sights, Alan says a review is not as bad as it was in the beta.
2:19:53 – Talk about ground poundin’.
2:20:14 – Carts of games and controllers roll out.
2:21:38 – Alan talks about Mike’s hardcore Halo gaming past. Eagle Claw…
2:22:15 – More Elite controller talk, the box is the carry case?
2:23:29 – 30 minute announcement for release.
2:23:51 – Elite controller give away announcement.
2:24:06 – Bunch of jerks drumroll on a table with microphones.
2:24:30 – Jen wins the Elite controller!
2:25:16 – And Jen doesn’t even own a XBone.
2:28:10 – Hannah swore. Oh my gosh.
2:29:25 – Jen is liking Arrow, and Hannah talks about Black Canary and Injustice.
2:30:24 – Jen talks about a crazy Deadspace / Batman mashup to cosplay
2:32:11 – Hannah describes the mashup suit
2:33:03 – Josh bring up the embroidered polo’s he got Alan, with PS2J logo and his PS2J avatar.
2:33:52 – Jen has Alan describe the Elite controller while its still in the box.
2:35:41 – Hannah checks out of the party.
2:36:30 – Josh sheds light on a very controversial subject in the PS2J community.
2:37:02 – Jen has an interesting thought, what if Halo were a RPG.
2:37:53 – Josh asks what everyone’s favourite Halo weapons are.
2:38:34 – Jen calls each of us Spartan (Last Name) with HILARIOUS results.
2:39:44 – Kendall asks what our favourite Halo was.
2:41:04 – All of the Microsoft employees are getting their photo with the Spartans.
2:41:25 – Alan is REALLY selling the Elite controller.
2:42:09 – Jun tells his strange story about his experience with Halo.
2:43:58 – Josh shows off his Mr. Meeseeks impression
2:44:13 – Kendall talks about his time at the midnight launch.
2:45:36 – Josh says how its been a positive experience working with the Microsoft Store.
2:46:41 – Josh talks about the prizes Mike saw them give away for the Chief Collection party.
2:47:00 – Alan admits this is the best release party he has been to.
2:47:48 – Kendall tells us about the Sunset Overdrive launch party he went to.
2:48:23 – Josh regales everyone with the tale of how he got his Kinect.
2:49:10 – Jen lets us know about the TCEG Con debacle.
2:50:33 – We elude to mugging Jen for his controller with a button.
2:51:39 – Jen does a shout out to Brandon Stoner who is now Hanz Stoner? Courtesy of Chewbacca?
2:52:18 – Diviyan thanks everyone for coming.
2:53:13 – Jen and Alan describe everyone lining up.
2:54:12 – Jen pushes my (Josh) quality of editing with requests. Ugh…
2:55:33 – Alan talks about his fear of opening something new in public.
2:56:56 – Alan tells Jen about the custom paint jobs Josh has done in the past.
2:59:10 – Jen learns about the unfortunate truth of 40K constantly updating.
3:01:58 – Alan is skeptical of the scale of other launches compared to this Halo 5 launch.
3:03:28 – Alan makes edit requests, which I may not have done.
3:04:21 – Mike shows up to the table.
3:05:39 – Fun Fact: I listened at normal speed :’<
3:06:38 – Team Locke vs Team Chief
3:08:47 – Halo 5 conspiracy CRACKED!
3:14:34 – Ignore this part, just our company account.
3:14:56 – Next Midnight Launch spoiler?!
3:20:07 – Diviyan takes care of us.
3:24:14 – Josh finally gets on the right side of the microphone. Then starts to show off some painting.
3:30:29 – Bye Mike! He sleepy.
3:31:57 – Graham makes it back and shares what he took pictures of earlier this evening.
3:32:59 – Josh goofs around with the plasma pistol and helmet.
3:34:25 – Alan has to go to the bathroom quick, Josh sits in…
3:35:55 – Graham asks a great question, to the wrong person.
3:38:03 – Jen feels he brought something to the podcast.
3:38:22 – Josh tells Jen how his sister kept Alan busy at the table.
3:40:21 – Josh tells Jen what platforms he can hear PS2J on with his Android.
3:41:17 – Alan and Josh finally get to sit and chat with Diviyan.
3:44:29 – Neat, we can all add Div360 now.
3:46:41 – Thank you all, and good night.
If you listen the whole thing. Wow. Great job.
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