We got to hang out with a bunch of cool people.

It all starts when our first guest sits down, Kendall, and Josh explains the REQ System for unlocking content.
Then we put Tyler in the podcast. Thats right, we did.
Hannah talks to Alan about the table set up, and brings up the Skyrim launch she was at.

Brock joins the podcast to talk about this Halo game. He’s looking forward to multiplayer, mainly Warzone. And he had to get himself the Legendary edition.

Someone, presumably without a name, joins briefly and they get a rundown on what we are about.
Diviyan makes the first announcement, then Extra Life raps about their charity and then Josh talks.

Hannah talks about a lack of good female characters, and moves on to Cortana’s looks. Alan counters with the fact, no character in game cares what she looks like.

Josh sits in for Alan, and pester’s Hannah’s fiance, Cole. Hannah looks forward to ladies fighting front lines.
And then she runs the show with Ken.

Cody and Merissa hang out with us. Cody plugs his MLP podcast, Pony Tonite.

Aron finds us. Another guy looking forward to Halo? What, eerie. And he had a Xbox eat discs :<
Hannah talks about the relationship problems being your boyfriend at Halo brings. Alan talks about Force Awakens being on Canadian Netflix first! And another loud raffle happens. Alan talks about a neat Best Buy deal with the Halo 5 controllers. Alan and Aron talk about Destiny. Alan talks about when the night started and there were a lot of shoppers in the store.

Micheal joins Alan and Aron at the table. Micheal is drawing people in Halo armour for extra life. Another raffle goes on. Alan asks what their favourite Halo moment is. Josh returns from the nether. Alan and Josh talk about fun custom game types they played at a bachelor party. Listener asks another listener about drawing on the Surface. Alan talks about the introduction of Microsoft Stores, and how people thought they were ripping off Apple.

We welcome Jen to the table! He’s interested in armour, and is willing to play the game. Jen talks about the aiming down sights, Alan says a review is not as bad as it was in the beta. Talk about ground poundin’. Carts of games and controllers roll out. Alan talks about Mike’s hardcore Halo gaming past. Eagle Claw… More Elite controller talk, the box is the carry case? 30 minute announcement for release. Elite controller give away announcement. Bunch of jerks drumroll on a table with microphones. Then, Jen wins the Elite controller!

Bye Mike! He was hurting and checked out. Also, we talked to Jen a long time. Listen to the extended cut to hear it all!
Josh tells Jen what platforms he can hear PS2J on with his Android.

Alan and Josh finally get to sit and chat with Diviyan. Neat, we can all add Div360 now.

Thank you all, and good night.

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