We have Ryan again, and he is defiantly talking.
Alan has trained Mike to break easily.
Ryan tells us about his play through of Sonic Adventure 2.
And his laptop has stabbed him in the BACK!
We talk about our broken Little Big Planet game play.
Then we talk about abusing Chao’s to make them good.
And the word Josh was looking for was Transcript.
But still comment if you want one of those things. We are totally serious.
Then we help Ryan with the automation service we use.
And we talk business.
Mike asks why chaos were a thing?
He gets answers!
Mike feels chaos are worse than how people had to EV train Pokemon.
Josh shares his lament about trading in Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider.
Ryan has no such regrets.
We explain the Battletoads joke. We thought everyone knew?
And Mike and Josh, have a secret buddy that has also preordered Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon.
Ryan decides Destiny is not his MMO, Wildstar is.
Destiny is a lot like Halo jokes.
Not playing Warhammer is a fiscally responsibly decision!
Katbox.net, used to be exclusive. Now its less.
Wow. We make a lot of Dad jokes. Sorry, not sorry.
Mike hear fire bad. Fire good. Buy fire.
Josh talks about what he uses Deviant Art for.
Its for art!
Mike does armour, armour, armour, armour.
Ryan did armour! Sounds neat. He was Dave. From the Homestuck.
And Homestuck is the longest comic ever?
And the cartoon destroyed servers, and Mike lost interest.
The Josh asks, Is Naruto done?
Answer, is kinda. It has a sequel.
We talk YouTube and Nintendo shenanigans.
Then Josh gives a micro review for Hello Kitty: Seasons.
And he also 100% a Barbie game.
And PS2J doesn’t have an up converter for GameCube because… lazy.
And Mike has Oni, we should play it right?
It killed divisions of Bungie and Rockstar. Allegedly.
Josh also needs to play Mike’s copy of Firewarrior.
Ryan re-rails us, and tells us to play good games.
And then Ryan tells the guys about Freedom Planet.
It’s a Sonic tribute game that evolved into something great.
Then Ryan talks about how tough the last boss on Freedom Planet is.
And Mike tells about how frustrating the last boss on South Park 64 was.
And we complain about games that pull the main character out for a boss battle when you have never levelled them up.
Alan gives his strategy on beating Wiegraf in Final Fantasy Tactics.
And Seath the Scaleless is a sonnavabitch.
Josh’s triumph is from beating Gundam: Encounters in Space.
Then Ryan asks if we can play anything other than awful games.
We probably should. Keep than in mind for the future.
Double Thumbs Up Microphone.
Then the Tarantino style wrap up.
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