Josh has a problem with a variety of user interfaces on various platforms.
First of all Xbox One, the New Experience is garbage.
Josh does like ONE thing with the new layout.
Mike is ostracized for trying to talk on games by other players.
Alan says that PS4 isn’t any better.
Josh and Alan download all the free games that are given to them.
Assassins Creed Black Flag best on the WiiU?
New 3DS XL are cheaper now its close to the holidays.
Alan hasn’t charged his 3DS and Mike knows that would happen to any handheld he buys.
Josh brings up Alan’s old complaint about any website with a log in.
We blend into talking about being old. Oh brother.
I am making a conscious decision to not post those video links. Live in mystery!
Then Josh talks about YouTube UI.
Alan bring up the pain of editing yourself gaming.
Josh seems to have a lot of problems with YouTube, 1st world problems.
And YouTube seemingly fixed some of his problems already.
Alan talks about Apple making their apps look like Android on Android, and Google making apps looking like Android on iOS.
Josh asks iPhone users about their phone experience.
Alan really likes the upgrade iPhone has recently with the 3D touch.
Mikes iPhone got a bit of a bend to it.
Alan talks about testers abusing an iPhone 6.
Josh learns what radio lines are.
Then he gives props to Nova Launcher for making his Android experience great.
Alan uses it on his work phone, which is a droid.
Mike jumped iPhones from 3GS to a 6.
Alan tells us about the insane resolution on the new iPad.
Alan thinks his Apple watch does what he needs it to do.
Josh talks about his future smart watch.
Our technologies are listening to us!
Josh is quite happy about the consistent release schedule.
Alan is shocked how much advertising on Daring Fireball is.
Then Josh brings up Game Grumps, then it comes around to Egoraptors old work.
And Josh brings it back around to the UI of the old peer-to-peer sharing program called WinMX.
Downloading music used to be so risky.
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