We start off chatting about History channel and shortly get to our guest.
Today we welcome Rolland, as he is referred in most circles, he is a cool guy, dad and Jedi.
When did Facebook becomes so serious?
Josh ruins a plug, Alan saves the day.
Then Josh slowly tries to follow Rolland on Twitter.
We complain about how Facebook filters content.
Rolland is part of Saber Guild, a Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd., recognized Star Wars group.
And Echo Base is the Canadian division that Rolland is a director of.
They do choreographed lightsaber demonstrations for charity and other events.
If you are interested in joining, they have high standards, and are always looking for people interested to join.
Rolland started his adventure with his own Ultrasaber and started up the GELG, Greater Edmonton Lightsaber Guild.
We talk lightsaber forms, extensions of personality but just wack-wack for choreography.
FloWarrior, a performance artist(s), have a few really cool lightsaber tricks, you can find them on Facebook.
Alan brings up, and Josh explains the contact juggling from Labyrinth.
Artists are never done creating, and they all understand that your current work is the best and you are never done.
Josh asks what kind of reference does he pull his costume ideas from.
Rolland calls BS on Jedi being able to fight in their baggy clothes.
And he tries to avoid people crossing the fandoms.
Rolland would like to attempt a battle-fatige look that Luke had while fighting with the Rebels.
Mike brings up that even in the movies, the actors had problems with the Jedi clothing.
Josh claims Obi-Wan showed the only sober move you can preform in Jedi robs.
Then brings up that it was an actual special move in the Episode 3 game, in the bonus games.
Josh wonders if Rolland is offend by people showing up as stormtroopers and attracting as much attention as the Jedi cosplayers.
Mike brings up that many cosplay groups have entry requirements.
Rolland wants to make clear, that these cosplay groups are very approachable, and if you want to join you will find encouragement and support on getting to their standards.
Mike talks about the group he is in the 405, a Halo cosplay group. And relates to a cosplay group gaining standards and becoming larger.
Josh brings up the poor Boba Fett, 501st cosplayer. He had his car stolen, and his costume was inside.
Rolland has done his fair share of charitable events at the Ronald McDonald house.
Rolland went with his father to see Star Wars, and is excited to take his own son to The Force Awakens.
In the end, Rolland would’t trade his hobby for anything, and he is happy to do it.
And in regular PS2J fashion, the conversation derails and burns down at the end.
It’s because we get into talking about those shoes that look like bare feet for runners.

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