Josh fumbles the intro. And we talk about our Pulp Fiction-esque episode.
Josh opens up with asking, most Disappointing movie remake.
Disney owns Star Wars, which will make for great video game and other crossovers.
Roland enjoys the Disney Infinity line of toys.
Roland tells us a story of his son at ECEE 2015, seeing some hardcore Buzz and Woody cosplayers.
Alan informs Roland of the ‘Everything Is Canon’ theory.
Roland tells us of the old super hero shows, Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man and more.
He is also happy with the current state and future of super hero movies and shows.
Josh is mighty perturbed that Batman vs Superman has a Batman backstory.
Rolland believes in Ben Affleck’s Batman, the Batfleck.
Can anything stand in the shadow of Star Wars? Or nerd movies in general.
Movies are just a bigger business.
Josh got excited by a 360 degree music video ad.
What if BB-88 is droid Hitler?
Rolland speculates on what character Andy Serkis, is playing in the Force Awakens.
He tells us about the Sith lord Darth Plagueis.
Josh talks light saber colours.
And Rolland has strong feelings against Grey Jedi.
And we get into the new theory that Jar Jar was supposed to be a Sith Lord.
Rolland thinks these theories are fun, but to not get caught up in it.
Mike explains his frustration about The Game Theorist, providing a reason that Halo Spartans dies when they get hit in the back.
Rolland taks about the silly way kids play.
Josh tells the story of him shouting in Star Wars Episode 3. If you know him, its exactly why you think.
We wrap up with talking about things people like within the Star Wars universe.
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