Josh fumbles a shout out to Kevin MacLeod. He makes all the music that Josh uses for the show, sans intro jingle. Check out his info below.
It’s the 19th! … Not really.
And Josh is wrong, his wife bought the CAH Hanukkah subscription for him.
Josh takes you through the experience of opening his Night One letter.
At the time of editing the podcast, he has also received Night Three, which was more socks.
And Night Three’s letter was about commitment.
Alan isn’t jealous of Josh’s stump gloves.
Josh talks about the biggest secret behind Five Nights At Freddys.
Alan and Josh like FNAF, to watch but not play.
Mike likes other survival horrors.
Josh is looking forward to working with Ryan again!
And we want to play games with you too Ryan!
Josh apparently knows very little about Heroes of the Storm
Alan saw some LoL fails.
Josh didn’t see the holiday traffic he wanted when he want to WEM.
Mike had a visit with robots or something.
Alan tells us there is a hoverboad battery recall.
We ooze into Fallout talk.
Josh talks about his Dad playing New Vegas for the first time.
Mike finds the NPC’s from that game spawn at stupid times.
Josh does not want to see any new Futurama, enough is enough.
And Josh tries to segway to Hot Topic opening in WEM, wherever its opening, he can’t remember.
Mike bought himself a foam dart Needler.
Alan talks about Nerf shooting balls.
Then Josh talks about foam dart archery, that whistles.
He isn’t crazy, Mike knows what he’s talking about.
Josh tells tale of a YouTube video of a kid getting picked up by cops, for being stupid.
Mike tells Josh there is a foam archery place near Edmonton.
Josh cannot stand hardcore paintballers, he finds them silly.
He had a lot of bad experiences with those kind of people.
There is a rubber ball option that sounds like a terrible paintball alternative.
Jason, friend of the podcast?, told Mike a HORRIBLE paintball story.
Josh follows up with another safety shenanigan.
He then talks about his first time getting hit by a paintball, and couldn’t go out.
007 Golden Eye paintball mode!
Josh makes a failed comparison and Alan catches him with a net of bullshit.
And we may play awful games for the YouTube channel.
Alan talks about the killer chamber pot from Skyrim.
Josh brings up his new favourite thing, Reverse Animal Rescue GIF’s.
And he talks more stories of stuff he saw on Reddit.
Josh still laments selling Looney Tunes Sheep Raider.
Can PS3 play PS1?
And hopefully we will be able to play Steel Battalion for original Xbox.
Alan had a bad time renting that game.
We share more disappointing rental stories.
Mike says Buck Bumble was one, so the intro music plays at the very end.
Josh messed up as a kid and rented the 2 most boring Mario games for SNES.
And he tells his infamous “After The Dentist” gaming experience.
Mike retells playing Dino Crisis 2 and never getting to save.
And we all share stories of not having memory cards.
Josh recaps and admits he is a Nintendo whale.
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