Welcome to the first and last Buttcast!

Alan asks us, why don’t the Zords fight individually? Because forming a single entity seems to be counter productive. Then we all go on about the 90’s cartoons we remember. And complain about discmans, and other old portable music devices.

We shamelessly compliment Alan on his editing on our game play videos.

“He is doing an awesome job, best decision I ever made was getting Alan to edit our gameplay” – Josh 

And hey, we talk about getting the site working! That’s awesome. Mike then wonders what the hell is wrong with Triple A gaming. And some open world games are just too big.

And we plug Soylent more! Could you sponsor us? Please Soylent! Any Soylent representative, refer to minute 24 for the start of Soylent-Cast.

We make plans to Twitch stream more! Also, chat about XWing mods and gameplay. We drift into Firestorm Armada and Halo Fleet Battles, fleet battle miniatures games. And we end the podcast by breaking down to Warhammer 40k.

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