Sorry for the late upload.

Here it is now! Are you not entertained?!


Josh talks about what would we do without reddit, and really shows how uncreative and vanilla he is with a ‘ding dong ditch’ reference.
The guys talk about people being SWAT’ed and YouTube strikes. Riveting conversation!
And don’t forget, we Canadians invented somethings and WE take credit for them whenever we can!
Maybe the Star Wars universe will be released in Disney infinity?
Did you know we missed the Dethklok show? We tell that tale.
We then rip into movies, the good and the bad, the really bad.
Josh and Alan really need to watch the movies Josh buys.
And do not forget how we crash and burn! We are so great at that.
Did you know the Cards Against Humanity does some cool stuff? We learn you.
I’m writhing thinking, “Is he still talking? Dear god.”
And we end with the long awkward goodbye.
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