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We spit out about the X Men. And all things X.
Who thinks Wolverine is all that? Apparently everyone.
Josh relishes in his prediction of Fantastic 4 being garbage.
Bad movies make hilarious references.
And then great Mythbuster episodes.
Mike knows the next X Men movie won’t go as far as he has read in comics.
Alan brings up the interesting series Old Man Logan.
Josh questions how Wolverine has never crushed any of his lovers with his adamantium skeleton.
Veronica talks about how awesome Prof. X is. And how character duality is the most interesting to her.
Mike likes Cable, because he is like Matrix from Reboot.
Josh determines that Wolverine’s claws would make great spear tips, which Alan relates to a sword from the Souls games.
Josh also adds that Magneto is his favourite.
Alan’s X-Men bro sauce is all over the Gambit.
And why not some Thor history.
And we do our usual thing to bring the episode to a close with Veronica.
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