PS2J Spotify Playlist Quiz

June 23, 2018

Try to guess who picked which song for the Spotify playlist.



You know the guys pretty well.

Thanks for playing!

It’s awesome you gave it a shot, but you didn’t get enough right.

#1 Teen Pregnancy – Blank Banshee?Artist: Blank Banshee Album: Blank Banshee 0 Released: 2012 Genre: Vaporwave

#2 Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode?Artist: Depeche Mode Album: Violator Released: 1990 Genre: Dance/Electronic

#3 Take A Walk – Passion Pit?Artist: Passion Pit Album: Gossamer Released: 2012 Genres: Rock, Electropop

#4 She Wants Me Dead – Cazzette & AronChupa?Artists: Cazzette, AronChupa Featured artist: On High Released: 2006 Genre: Dance/Electronic

#5 Helena Beat – Foster The People?Artist: Foster The People Album: Torches Released: 2011 Genre: Alternative/Indie

#6 To the Moon and Back – Fever Ray?Artist: Fever Ray Album: Plunge Released: 2017 Genre: Alternative/Indie

#7 Superfast Jellyfish – Gorillaz?Artist: Gorillaz Featured artists: De La Soul, Gruff Rhys Album: Plastic Beach Released: 2010 Genre: Alternative/Indie

#8 Halloween In Heaven – Type O Negative?Artist: Type O Negative Album: Dead Again Released: 2007 Genre: Gothic Metal

#9 Firebirds – Clutch?Artist: Clutch Album: Psychic Warfare Released: 2015 Genre: Rock

#10 Headlong – Queen?Artist: Queen Album: Innuendo Released: 1991 Genre: Classic Rock

#11 Never There – Cake?Artist: Cake Album: Prolonging the Magic Released: 1998 Producer(s): John McCrea Genres: Alternative/Indie, Rock

#12 Halcyon On and On – Orbital?Artist: Orbital Album: Orbital 2 Released: 1993 Genres: Dance/Electronic, Pop

#13 KRWLNG – Linkin Park?Artist: Linkin Park Featured artist: Aaron Lewis Released: 2002 Genre: Hard Rock

#14 Sick and Twisted – Gwar?Artist: Gwar Album: Bloody Pit of Horror Released: 2010 Genres: Groove Metal, Metal

#15 Slime Lord (Original Mix) – Niteppl?Artist: NITEPPL Album: Warrior Released: 2013 Genre: Dance/Electronic

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