We become exposed to the interesting life of Val Kilmer. Also Josh has a bunch of stuff he wants to work on, and he is going to talk about it.

Val Kilmer Art and stuff

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Lane tells us about a cool game, Ikaruga. And Josh is struggling with Mega Man.
We also get to hear about some of Lane’s favourite games. Josh recommends some heavy movies, trigger warning for those.


Found a clip of Ikaruga – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGNSdcy-apU


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Originally posted July 13th, 2015.

Mike is sick, that leaves Alan and Josh to their own devices.

With Mike ill, Josh and Alan kill. Like a comedian kills, with laughter.
Alan tells you about Soylent. Josh like Futurama as a cartoon that is too smart for him, then he complains that other cartoons are getting too deep. Josh let’s you in on some of his oddities. Then Alan and Josh chat about their work. And after, reminisce on good times with their families. Then the episode falls into some movie talk. And finally ends with chatting about the Twitch Stream.