The new year starts out… uhh, not strong. But it starts.
We talk about the great year we had.
And what we look forward to with next year
Not watching our channel? Why not?
Mikes Master Chief Write Up
Josh’s Goofy Destiny Video
The Picasso CaH Thing
Josh fumbles the intro. And we talk about our Pulp Fiction-esque episode.
Josh opens up with asking, most Disappointing movie remake.
Disney owns Star Wars, which will make for great video game and other crossovers.
Roland enjoys the Disney Infinity line of toys.
Roland tells us a story of his son at ECEE 2015, seeing some hardcore Buzz and Woody cosplayers.
Alan informs Roland of the ‘Everything Is Canon’ theory.
Roland tells us of the old super hero shows, Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man and more.
He is also happy with the current state and future of super hero movies and shows.
Josh is mighty perturbed that Batman vs Superman has a Batman backstory.
Rolland believes in Ben Affleck’s Batman, the Batfleck.
Can anything stand in the shadow of Star Wars? Or nerd movies in general.
Movies are just a bigger business.
Josh got excited by a 360 degree music video ad.
What if BB-88 is droid Hitler?
Rolland speculates on what character Andy Serkis, is playing in the Force Awakens.
He tells us about the Sith lord Darth Plagueis.
Josh talks light saber colours.
And Rolland has strong feelings against Grey Jedi.
And we get into the new theory that Jar Jar was supposed to be a Sith Lord.
Rolland thinks these theories are fun, but to not get caught up in it.
Mike explains his frustration about The Game Theorist, providing a reason that Halo Spartans dies when they get hit in the back.
Rolland taks about the silly way kids play.
Josh tells the story of him shouting in Star Wars Episode 3. If you know him, its exactly why you think.
We wrap up with talking about things people like within the Star Wars universe.
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We start off chatting about History channel and shortly get to our guest.
Today we welcome Rolland, as he is referred in most circles, he is a cool guy, dad and Jedi.
When did Facebook becomes so serious?
Josh ruins a plug, Alan saves the day.
Then Josh slowly tries to follow Rolland on Twitter.
We complain about how Facebook filters content.
Rolland is part of Saber Guild, a Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd., recognized Star Wars group.
And Echo Base is the Canadian division that Rolland is a director of.
They do choreographed lightsaber demonstrations for charity and other events.
If you are interested in joining, they have high standards, and are always looking for people interested to join.
Rolland started his adventure with his own Ultrasaber and started up the GELG, Greater Edmonton Lightsaber Guild.
We talk lightsaber forms, extensions of personality but just wack-wack for choreography.
FloWarrior, a performance artist(s), have a few really cool lightsaber tricks, you can find them on Facebook.
Alan brings up, and Josh explains the contact juggling from Labyrinth.
Artists are never done creating, and they all understand that your current work is the best and you are never done.
Josh asks what kind of reference does he pull his costume ideas from.
Rolland calls BS on Jedi being able to fight in their baggy clothes.
And he tries to avoid people crossing the fandoms.
Rolland would like to attempt a battle-fatige look that Luke had while fighting with the Rebels.
Mike brings up that even in the movies, the actors had problems with the Jedi clothing.
Josh claims Obi-Wan showed the only sober move you can preform in Jedi robs.
Then brings up that it was an actual special move in the Episode 3 game, in the bonus games.
Josh wonders if Rolland is offend by people showing up as stormtroopers and attracting as much attention as the Jedi cosplayers.
Mike brings up that many cosplay groups have entry requirements.
Rolland wants to make clear, that these cosplay groups are very approachable, and if you want to join you will find encouragement and support on getting to their standards.
Mike talks about the group he is in the 405, a Halo cosplay group. And relates to a cosplay group gaining standards and becoming larger.
Josh brings up the poor Boba Fett, 501st cosplayer. He had his car stolen, and his costume was inside.
Rolland has done his fair share of charitable events at the Ronald McDonald house.
Rolland went with his father to see Star Wars, and is excited to take his own son to The Force Awakens.
In the end, Rolland would’t trade his hobby for anything, and he is happy to do it.
And in regular PS2J fashion, the conversation derails and burns down at the end.
It’s because we get into talking about those shoes that look like bare feet for runners.

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We sit down with Jen.
FYI: After the 50 minute mark it bits a bit dark.
If you listened to the Live Halo 5 episode, he was on near the end. And he came back for more microphone action.

He won the Elite controller. It’s dang expensive.
The guys talk pro gaming strategies.

Divian, the organizer for the Halo 5 event, still hasn’t added us on Xbox live.
Josh is lazy and yells at his Xbox to make it play the Netflix.
Jen is trying to form a team of Rocket Leaguers, or whatever they’re called.

Mike tells us how his Chief armour disintegrated during the Halo 5 event.
The cosplayers of jealous of the cosplayers with workshops.

Jen makes his cosplay with foam. He’s a part of the Knights of Cos.
He and Mike, highly recommend the books on foam armour by Bill Doran.
And he’s looking into making an armour dummy.

The guys hatch a plan inspired by Home Alone for Mike to do.
And then it will destroy Geralds life.

Josh talks One Punch Man with Jen.
The mole men seemed to be Saitama’s only challenge.
Then Josh gives an explanation of this crazy show.

Jen asks the guy’s, if we had our own finishing move, what would it be?
Instead of answering, Josh tries to coyote ugly the question.
They stick Josh with the Horrible Segway finishing move.

Jen started his cosplay adventure with an Attack on Titan costume.
Then he and Mike talk the hours of working with foam.
Then he plugs the youtube video of a Raiden cosplayer we met at CCEE.
We share tales of silly cosplayers.

Josh is wrong about the flash movie he is talking about.
He means Spazkid. Sparked has the video called Egorapture. And that is what he is talking about.
Then he tells the tale of Newgrounds. A magical place.

Then we talk about new YouTube algorithms.

Seemingly mandatory Star Wars talk.
Briefly about The Force Awakens.
Then Alan goes through the theory of Jar Jar Binks being the Phantom Menace.

Then Jen asks some Star Wars universe questions.
Which we are all nerdy enough to answer.

Halo talk gets blended into Star Wars through a Mass Effect segway.
So much sic-fi.

Josh ruins it with instagram.

Mike’s finishing move is Halo Talk. Talking people to death.
Alan’s is a blunt I Don’t Care about this.

Josh gets a bit of Gundam Battle Assault 2 into it.
Josh was sick of Heero’s lame catchphrase.
The suit Jen may be talking about is Acguy. An amphibious mobile suit.
Mike would run out of ammo as Heavy Arms.
And the guys get all explainey about the Gundams.
Josh remembers the name of Gundam: Encounters in Space.

Jen loves him some Ape Escape.
Josh is sad he missed out of the franchise.
We mention Yokai Watch, a franchise that beat out Pokemon.
And talk about how some American franchises are really big in Japan. Like Mickey Mouse and Peanuts.

Then Alan talks about the things he noticed while visiting Japan.
Walking and drinking is considered rude.

Jen talks about how at home in Malaysia, they eat every/anything.
Torpedo soup.

Then Josh gets dark.
And the whole podcast gets a bit nasty.
And Jen talks about monkey brain.

Mike says his puns are a syndrome.
Based on a guy getting brain surgery and spinning sick puns.

Jen is got sucked by the false ending.

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We feel that Star Wars trailers just look like all other Star Wars trailer.
Then we speculate on what happened at the end of SW Episode VI to lead up to The Force Awakens.
We delve way too far into the arms race of Star Wars space ships.
Its interesting how Lego has a a lock down of Star Wars leaks.
We talk about different types of lightsabers there are.
A Bad Boys remake of Star Wars would be great.
Too many funny Martins.
We try to talk about the hype train again.
And immediately derail into the topic of how Playboy has moved away from pornography.
Open innovation to get sponsored by Apple.
Fun fact for an Apple employee screening this for content, recorded on a MacBook Pro. Edited on an Mac.
How much does Bill Gates needs to see on the ground to pick it up?
Answer, a lot.
Apple store employee that stole a LOT of gift cards.
Mike continues on how he dislikes Black Widow and Hawkeye.
Alan compares each Avenger to their powers.
Mike brings up the Honest Trailers review of Avengers 2: Age of Big Bad.
Alan feels like Ultron could still exist on some network.
Josh brings in that the movie is, and mode to be a blockbuster, when he has brought other expectations that the movie doesn’t promise to bring.
Maybe if you feel the same as Mike, Alan and Josh agree that you should just see The Martian.
Mike is high maintenance when it comes to entertainment.
Josh has a TON of movies, while Alan’s movie shelves contain mostly games.
Mike can confirm.
Josh admits to having a butt ton of junk.
Mad Catz. The controller for when guests are over.
Then we practice some unprofessionalism and do some planning while recording.
Forgive Josh, he had heatstroke?
Alan bought the Portal: Cake Acquisition game.
Josh picked up Legendary Encounters: Predator.
Alan and Mike explain the creation of the red lightsaber crystal.
Mike talks about a continuing beef with a convention volunteer.
And he explains the restrictions volunteers have at Expo.
Mikes Friday, had a lot of people avoiding his Agent 47 cosplay.
And he had a good meet up with the Edmonton Cosplay group.
Saturday Mike got to meet up with other Halo cosplayers.
And we met a great Warlock cosplay from Destiny. Great job Chris!
We got contact with a great sith cosplay. Find him at
Alan’s Mario Maker Level, Collapsed Castle- BD48-0000-0070-B816
Mike got a lot of exposure with his suit. Met with video production and other guys.
He also points out the differences of a human ODST and a Spartan.
And he picked up oven mitts and  and a graphic novel.
Josh brings up the painful story of Mike’s 2nd degree burns.
And has him share it.
Josh agrees that pain is better than cleaning up 2 things.
“Marvel has it’s on DC” – Josh 2015
Alan and Josh ran into an old friend at the Table Top Cafe booth.
Shout out to Leah.
Mike had a quieter Sunday.
Josh disagrees with cosplay accuracy vs cosplay comfort.
Mike and a Spartan cosplayer played with some really sweet lightsabers.
And they are crazy awesome.
Then Mike and Josh end up talking about the new ships to the X Wing minis game.
New ships from The Force Awakens.
And Josh feels it will break everything that came out previously.
Then we all reminisce about Calgary Comic Con from years past.
We got to see Rob Paulson, Maurice LaMarsh and Jess Harnell.
We ran into a awesome cosplayer for the second time!
Looking at you
Mik’s helmat keeps cutting his head.
CON STORIES! From you’s.
Performed for a huge crowd on Saturday, with his Saber Guild Echo Base Temple.
-Sorry we missed it.
Kid Remington:
As the Joker, in all seriousness. The volunteers were great, the layout’s great, the lemonades were great, the costumers did what the costumers do.
-We agree. After deliberation, it was better once you got it.
Meeting new friends and all the celebs were beyond amazing
-We hope we’re you friends! Lol jk, we are weird.
Alan and Josh had a tough job giving away rare amiibos.
Thanks Kuurion!
And we didn’t hammer the other two for info.
Didn’t want to come off scammy.
And we shall continue Random Acts of Amiibo!
Let’s wrap this thing up.
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Ken joins us again!
Indie games and Ken is on the table for topic.
Risk of Rain, a new rouge like game that has some risky rain…
Josh talks about his unhealthy obsession with the puzzle/dating sim called HuinePop.
Then we talk about Harvey Birdman. An awesome show which you should see!
And Alan and Josh reminisce about their laziest phase ever.
And everything on the internet is free, don’t ‘cha know.
Cool car charging roads!
And Kickstarters to make solar roads.
In Japan, they have crazy musical road ways and highly specialized Tokyo cab drivers.
Ken is still enjoying Knights of the Old Republic 2, and gets us back up to speed on it.
Alan shares the issues he had with the game.
Then the guys remember the first one was the best one.
Ken tells us about an interesting game, Factorio.
Its like the Minecraft Tekkie mod, but its played top down.
And Josh talks about a game he can’t remember the name of. Turns out its called “Big Pharma” by Twice Circled.
Then Josh talks about the game “Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme”, that Steam is trying to sell him.
Alan is left in the cold because Mike and Josh never got back to him about Neverwinter Nights.
Row row. Fight the powah!
Also, Neon Genesis Evangelion does not equal Gurren Lagann.
Josh has his base knowledge of Neon Genesis from a Puzzle And Dragons collaboration.
And Josh shows off his PaD creatures in his awful PaD Talk.
Alan saw tournament machines for PaD, while he was in Japan.
And they talk about crazy Japanese arcade machines.
Cooking with cans of beer! Recipes and the defiantly do not’s of cooking with beer.
We plan to play Crawl with Ken, look forward to that!
Rick and Morty, we love it, and if you don’t… that’s ok.
We really enjoy the after credit sequences.
Funny and or crazy.
Sommersby Cider. Delicious and Josh isn’t a heavy drinker.
And don’t forget, Soylent!
Recipe 2.0 is premixed in 400 calorie bottles.
Then Alan is reminded of Repo! The Genetic Opera.
Josh has a huff and want’s alan to watch The Muppets. Mostly the reboot stuff.
Alan suggests that Mike introduces Veronica to the Star Wars franchise in Machete order.
Machete order is 4,5,2,3,6.
And we sign off with a clip from the YouTube video we talked about.