Twilight Princess HD – Wii U

March 20, 2016

There is a exclusive amiibo for Twilight Princess HD, I got it, so let’s review it!


First Impression

The box looks epic. Reflective background with all the important characters portrayed on the front. The left side has a diagram of the game disc and amiibo, a simple description of the box contents. The back has more about game features such as the GamePad being a live map and the Wolf Link amiibo unlocking a challenge mode called the Cave of Shadows. It also has a collage of gameplay screen shots. Finally the right side has an explanation of the amiibo features, and includes Legend of Zelda amiibo from the Super Smash Bros collection.


Playing the Game

My experience was with the Gamecube, and this update feels just as awesome as when it first came out. It controls on the gamepad very well, the touchscreen can act as a map or inventory screen. The map proves very handy for navigating, as it live updates and shows objectives. With the inventory screen, you can drag equipment right into the eqip slots. The game can also be played with the Pro Controller. I can understand the switch for comfort. You can use the Pro Controller and reference the Game Pad, I find it easier to just use the Game Pad.


Combat feels intense at times, and makes you think. You are taught how to do different strikes, such as horizontal, vertical and a stab attack. And enemies you encounter will have different blocking styles or stances that make your different attacks more effective or even useless. As Wolf Link, combat is very different. When fighting Twilight Beasts, more strategy is involved than combating regular enemies. When you are fighting the usual mobs, Wolf Link, can bite, lunge and spin attack, until all enemies are defeated. The Twilight Beasts put Wolf Link into an arena and while you’re trapped with these monsters you have to use Midna’s help to quickly defeat enemies simultaneously, or the last beast standing will revive his comrades. So in addition to attacking and dodging these beasts, you have to position them close enough to use Midna’s Dark Energy Attack. Once all the beasts are tagged by dark energy, Wolf Link lunges and defeats selected enemies.


Some of the levels can feel large, although Link starts with Epona and Wolf Link has a full sprint, which makes these levels easier to traverse. While riding Epona, this game introduces mounted combat to the Zelda franchise. Sometimes it feels like wildly swinging at opponents, but it really gives an epic feeling to charging into battle.


Items in the game range from new and awesome to adventurer standard. A quick list of standard hero equipment are: Bombs, Bottles, Fishing Rod, Bow, Lantern and Slingshot. Pretty standard fare for the adventure gamer. This LoZ installment has many awesome new items, some are my even my favourite. First of all, there are some neat bombs: Bomblings, bombs with bug legs, they run straight when set and chase enemies, and Water Bombs can be used underwater. Ball and Chain is exactly as it sounds- as a replacement for the standard hammer Link has a gigantic ball which he can use to smash into breakable obstacles and swing into enemies for massive damage. Clawshot is a cool change to the hookshot, even better is that you eventually get a second one, and can sort of Spider Man between latchable points. The Dominion Rod is used to animate statues to complete puzzles. The Gale Boomerang is the boomerang for this game, with the added bonus of a tornado that can move items and effect the environment. The Hawkeye is a mask that can let Link see further and can also be a scope for the bow. The Spinner, a large top Link can ride, it gives a short boost of speed and can travel at high speeds on rails. And finally, just for the HD remake, there is a Ghost Lantern. It glows when a poe is nearby to make collection easier. There are other small items that will make the game easier, but don’t have a huge benefit to gameplay.


Another addition to this edition is Hero Mode. It is a homage to the Wii release of Twilight Princess, where the entire game is mirrored. Also this will be a challenge to any Zelda veteran. The stakes are raised with enemies dealing double damage and hearts not naturally occurring in the game.



Besides the new Wolf Link amiibo, the past LoZ amiibo from the Smash Bros collection work with this game. Wolf Link is a great figure, the fur has a good texture and paint job, and the rock he is standing on brings this amiibo one step above. Giving it an epic pose without compromise of the default amiibo pedestal.


The additional content of the Cave of Shadows, unlocked by the Wolf Link amiibo, is definitely worth it for the fan looking for a challenge. It has a second small feature which I like. You can associate the Wolf Link amiibo to a save file. Then when you are on the title screen you can tap the amiibo and it will load your save, which will save literally seconds. Not a selling feature, but neat nonetheless.


As a bonus; Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Shiek, and Ganondorf amiibos have effects that can be used once every 24 hrs. The Link amiibo refill your arrows, Zelda and Shiek will refill your health, and Ganondorf will cause you double damage.



A good game with better graphics for a new generation of gamers. Great exclusive amiibo, and a nice use of existing LoZ amiibo. Game Pad is used effectively. Combat is engaging and fun. Extra modes such as Hero’s Mode and the Cave of Shadows proves a challenge to any gamer.



If you are a fan of the game from its original release, it is great to pick up and play again. The amiibo bundle is worth it for additional challenge, and the figure itself is well made. This will be a great addition to your Wii U library, a must buy for fans of adventure games.


If you never have played a Legend of Zelda game, this is a great way to get into it.


The only reason I can think of for not buying this game is if you do not own a Wii U. But I hope you can find a way to play it.

Twilight Princess HD Review

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